HDR/EXR Export Formats Suddenly Unavailable for Certain Renders

  • I've been experimenting with HDR/EXR-format render exporting, and I've noticed that, for sufficiently old renders in the cache, HDR and EXR stop being export options. I've just noticed that spot renders seem to have the same problem. I rendered a full image, which I could export as an EXR without a problem. I then did a couple of small spot renders on top of it to correct a minor mistake I made, but when I try to export the resulting image, EXR isn't on the drop-down list of available formats, and neither is HDR. What the heck is going on? Thanks in advance for any advice!

  • @glossaphile just looking at a similar situation in my last three renders, the oldest of which was a full render, and the following two are problem fixing area renders of the same scene. As you say, the area renders do not support HDR or Open EXR export, but the full render does. Interestingly, all of the prior area renders still in the cache, also offer HDR and Open EXR export, so perhaps there is some consolidation step which will re-enable HDR export for those last area renders if you run a subsequent full render to completion (perhaps with low samples, so it is quick to complete).

    I'm running Poser Pro on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6.

  • While we are on the subject of renders, does anyone else have a problem with only the last render you did shows up in the render view, even though you have the default 25 cache images? Every render I have past the first one is greyed out.

  • @rokketman Yep I too get that, really annoying

  • @amethystpendant I don't want to hijack this thread, but it is annoying. I have to export every render I might want to keep, just to delete them later if I don't because I can't go back and export it later. I wonder if it's a bug and if it's been reported?

  • @rokketman I gave up reporting bugs to SM, support is neither use nor ornament, they assume you are a cretin and ignore your posts for days before getting back to you and asking if you've read the manual, even if your original submission pointed to the manual and explained why it was wrong. If you point that out to them they simply stop responding. I love poser, but I would hate to be a normal user that actually needed support. You get far more help here than you do from the official support. Have I got a bee about this, yes, a company lives or dies by its support function, irrespective of how good the product is. Sorry, absolutely nothing to do with this thread.

  • @anomalaus Yeah, it's definitely a consolidation issue. If you navigate to the render cache in Windows Explorer, you'll notice that full renders are in EXR format while spot renders are in TMP format. I suspect that Poser is somehow missing a step in which it merges the preceding EXR image with what I assume is partial data stored in the TMP file to form a new EXR file.

    I tried doing a full quick-and-dirty dummy render to see if it would trigger anything. Nope. It didn't work.

  • In the meantime, I think I've figured out a work-around, at least for those with Photoshop, which is probably most of us anyway. With your entire modified render visible in Poser, paste a screenshot into a new PSD file with a 32-bit RGB color mode. Then, use Image >> Adjustments >> Exposure to inverse gamma correct it (i.e. use a gamma value of 1/2.2, or about 0.454545). Then, crop the render and copy-paste it into another new PSD file, again with 32-bit colors, and save that as an EXR. The result isn't noticeably different from what you'd get if you'd exported it directly.

  • @glossaphile I'd forgotten that we'd already had this discussion and opened a new topic, but I'll mention here that I'm back in bug reporting mode, after having abandoned it as futile for months, and will "complain" about this missing ability to consolidate full and partial area renders and export them as HDR or OpenEXR format files. I'll also ask for the OpenEXR and EXIF module to be included in future Poser Python releases, so we can interrogate the cached renders and area renders for information and see about manipulating them directly.

    I'm currently struggling with the current version of pip in the Poser Python bundle being blocked from installing or updating modules due to TLSv1.0 being permanently and mandatorily deprecated by the servers.