Tricks for idle state

  • Hi
    Any tricks for animating an Idle state? The person stands still, but with small micro-movements, breathing etc., hand, head move a bit and so on.

    I have tried to animate some of it, but it does not really look realistic.

  • @mikael just a quick search for "human figure idle state animation" turns up several scholarly articles. You might also want to look at "virtual human". Game animators also talk about AI for figures. Saccadic eye movements are also relevant when simulating real people. Graduates are earning their PhDs by studying and developing such systems.

    None of these are currently within the purview of Poser, at the moment. But we can hope, and wait. Patiently... ZZzzz...

    We still don't have the tools to make characters restrict their limb motions automatically when colliding with objects or other limbs (be nice to be able to direct a character to fold its arms, and have it do so without intersection), or automatically apply a balanced stance that looks natural (without turning IK on and off).

  • Ockham's Bungalow Naturalizer script at very top of page. Though unsure if it will work with new version of poser.

  • I was thinking more tool oriented inside Poser Pro rather than general phd movement studies, but thx for the information anyway.