Ironman13 Squish Morphs for V4 and V4 Morphs++

  • I'm considering Ironman13's breast and glute squish morphs for V4.2. Can someone assure me that they work with corresponding morphs installed from the V4 Morphs++ package? I'd also like to know of the squish morphs work with the breast morphs installed with Lali's Bits by Erogenesis. Thanks very much.

  • @abrahamjones I would bet the glute morphs do not work with Lali's Bits. I've had some issues getting some tight fitting pants and thigh boots fitting with the Bits loaded.

  • Thanks for yours. I might try the squish morphs, given a sale and an injection of much-needed capital, but I won't be too surprised if they aren't friendly with V4.2 Morphs++ and Lali's Bits.