How to make "footsteps" on ground?

  • Hey people!

    I want to create footsteps for my big dino (T.Rex) on any ground (a flat one). I tried some morphing tools but could not make it as i want..

    Maybe there is someone who knows a trick about this.. i would be very happy. Thx!

  • @drages What do you know about the materials room and displacement maps?

  • @rokketman said in How to make "footsteps" on ground?:

    @drages What do you know about the materials room and displacement maps?

    But first what render engine are you going to be using because superfly doesn't play well with displacement yet.

    I've used the cloth room before now for things like indents into a bed when someone was lying on it, but again that requires a lot of polygons which floors, especially landscapes don't tend to have.

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    @rokketman 's idea will work as-is for Firefly, and just substitute bump (instead of displacement) for Superfly.
    Make a B/W footstep mask appropriate for the terrain's UV mapping.
    Use that mask as a bump map. You could also use it to switch the texture color from fern/moss to mud:
    0_1523072539954_T-Rex tracks simplified material.PNG
    0_1523072554337_T-Rex tracks Sfly render.png

  • I need the footsteps not as materials.. i will use them at animations.. so i should have control over them. and addition to that, they should have a good depth, like i can put something in them..

    I am using firefly mostly.

    I can use more ground objects with more polygons.. i never used the cloth room before.

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    You can animate materials. If rendering in Firefly, you can give the footprints actual depth.

    If you discount materials as a method, then you'd need to form a series of terrain meshes. The base terrain, followed by a sequence of that same terrain mesh with one more footprint depressed than the previous. Each of those meshes would be imported as a morph target for the terrain. As the animation progresses, you change each footprint morph from zero to one.
    The polygon count of a terrain with sufficient vertex density to accommodate footprints would be unwieldly, in my opinion.

  • @seachnasaigh I agree, if the render is in Firefly the dispacement is the desired path, as you coyuld actually stand in the hole whereas bump would just simulate it. (@drages in Firefly the renderer will use micropoly displacement, i.e it will add the polys necessary for the displacement, which SF can't do (yet, I hope)