Content Paradise Site - PLEASE Add "Advanced Search" to MAIN menu !

  • Why is there no way to search by vendor/seller/artist from the main page - ? Screenshot below:


    I have to enter some search text and hit enter (or the magnifying glass icon) in order to display the "Advanced Search" option - screenshot below:


    The advanced search seems okay:


    ...but of course it's using the search terms I originally set up, i.e "stuff"in this example:


    To show ALL items by that vendor I need to now delete the original search terms:


    And whoops! - there's no longer any AdvancedSearch option !


    On the old site I could view all items by any vendor from the main page, and then select a different vendor.

    This part of the site redesign is one huge leap backwards !

    Please fix it !

  • Asa workaround here's a URL that'll give you the advanced search options:

    Click the small blue "Advanced Search", select the vendor from the "All Sellers" dropdown, delete the search term "stuff" from the "Search Results For" box,and click the "Apply Filters" button.

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