Poser Crash Causing Library Issues

  • I recently had a Poser crash a few days ago (which, btw, has been happening very, very frequently since the last update) and now my library refuses to remember where I have my content. I save my content onto a separate drive, both for space saving on my SSD and for backup purposes (oh, the horror should I lose my runtimes).

    Every time I load Poser now, I have to redirect it back to my second drive where all my content is stored and it refuses to remember this location and I have to search it out again. I have even had times where it forgets while the program is still open, like when I switch from the main Library tab to the Favorites tab and back again.

    Is there something I can edit to force it to look on my secondary drive or is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? I don't remember having to do anything other than show Poser where the content is located and it would always return back to that location automatically.

  • @cujoe_da_man Once you've repointed to your runtime, exit poser. This will cause it to write it's current config to disk, this doesn't happen if Poser crashes, which I agree it does a lot more since the 11.1 "upgrade"

  • @cujoe_da_man There are some hidden files that Poser uses that get corrupted from time to time. If you are on a PC they are in

    C:/Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Poser Pro/11

    The files that I delete are

    Poser UI PrefMap.xml
    Poser UI Prefs_1920x1080.xml

    Make a new folder on your desktop and name it something like "old prefs" and dump these files in that folder then restart Poser and Poser will make a new set of these files that should work.

  • So far both solutions do not work, Poser refuses to remember where my runtimes are located. I also still haven't been able to get it to remember the last folder I had opened when closing the program and reopening it later, something that is very useful when going into the materials lab (for example). I am literally thinking about completely uninstalling and reinstalling before the new patch that just came out, it has been causing me nothing but problems with stability issues and lost work.

    I've also been occasionally getting the error "There was an issue saving the file. Please save your work again" or however it says it. I haven't seen that error since Poser 7 when literally everything I saved would have an error and I would have to save two or three times.

  • @cujoe_da_man I've seen that error before only when I had use external binary morph targets checked (or was it unchecked?) I can't remember but it screws a bunch of stuff up.

  • I finally figured it out, there was a setting that I was missing. Just under the icons under the Library tab is a small drop down menu to select the type of library you want Poser to use. It was set to "All" which (I'm guessing) tells Poser to look in both the program location and the secondary location. I switched the option to just "Poser 11 Content" and it stopped having its issue. Guess it's one of those "set it and forget it" things that you take literally, I forgot all about that. Why having Poser crash reset it, but who knows.