How many Poser 9+ user are still there?

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    How many from you use still Poser 9+ Firefly render engine?
    I ask because I create for Evolution some jewels ( Still could not solve my pant rigging problem with her, so I needed a break).
    The shader are all procedural and many and till now only done for Poser 11 Superfly.
    Will it be worth the time to convert them for Firefly? Are still many Poser 9+ firefly user out?
    There are 3-4 different necklace , 1 pair of earring and 2 different bracelets with many bijoux pearls to shade.
    I honestly don't know If I should convert them or not.
    Any suggestions?
    Here some quick and dirty render; just to see what I am talking about.2_1523871800850_Render 3.png 1_1523871800850_Render 2.png 0_1523871800850_Render 1.png

  • While I'm a Poser 11 user I still do most of my renders in Firefly because somethings just don't work properly in Superfly. For example I use Terradome 2 for outdoor renders and the materials don't work correctly in SF, no micro-polygon displacement, and I don't know enough to try and get them working. And as most of my renders are story based with outdoor and indoor scenes i want things to be consistent.

  • I still have Poser 9, although I rarely use it, but I still use Firefly from time to time. Thing is, not everyone is into photrealism. And no one likes being pushed to use something they don't really want to. Give them options.

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    I kept PoserPro 2014 for a long time as backup. But i"ts gone now. => PoserPro11 only these days.
    But I render in ALL of Posers render engines.

    • Preview
    • Raytrace
    • FireFly
    • SuperFly
      In that order because the render speed (and render quality) is in that order.

    As far as materials go?
    All my materials are converted to the PhysicalSurface root node as all of the above render engines are happy with that root node setup.

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    @vilters Tony not possible here. Those are pure Cycles nodes,
    Well, i guess I will convert them for Firefly too, but with some restrictions.

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    @eclark1849 Sure you are right. But I just want to have some kind of backup , nobody like to make a huge work for nothing :)
    But when enough Poser Firefly user are still out, than I will have to make my hands dirty there lol

  • I'm also still on PP2014 and use the Firefly renderer.

    The simple reason for it is that my main "workhorse" is still running Windows XP, and I can' upgrade for various reasons.
    Unfortunately P11 refuses to work in XP, so I'm stuck in the past, so to say.

    I guess many others who can't afford to upgrade their computers and Poser to the latest versions of Windows and Poser would be thankful if there was at least a basic support for good ol' Firefly.

    As a side note, I still have to see a SuperFly render that makes me really "WANT" that renderer - much can be done in FireFly too, and faster and less grainy... ;)


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    @karina Thanks :) I use often Firefly too. I love to render Landscapes with many plants. Here is Superfly a killer.
    Block my machine for hours and the joke is, I anyway go to Photoshop after and heavy postwork it lol.
    I want just to be sure that I don't do something unnecessary .

  • @Ladonna I still have Poser 9, but since most of the vendors I beta test for are using either PP2014 or PP11 to create their products, I no longer can test in Poser 9. That said, however, I still have it installed, because I can still access its Runtime, and moving everything to my PP11 Runtime will take time.

    As others have mentioned I use both render engines, so if you find you can create these for use with FireFly, I think that would make more folks happy, as then they will have the option to use them no matter which render engine they decide to use, depending on the scene.

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    @Miss-B Thank you. I will do like you all suggested.
    I think too it is good for Poser user to have a choice.

    OT. You betatest MissB? Can I send you sometimes some stuff for quick tests?

  • @Ladonna said in How many Poser 9+ user are still there?:

    OT. You betatest MissB? Can I send you sometimes some stuff for quick tests?

    Just PM me to see if I'm not already tied up on another project. If I'm not, I'd be happy to oblige. ~smile~

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    @Miss-B Great :) Thanks.

  • I'm using both Poser 10/2014 and Poser 11, though I'm moving more towards Poser 11 now that my Nvidia 1080 diesn't crash (as it did in the early days of P11). Most of the products I'm producing have also moved to a Poser 10+ now that both Poser 10/2014 and 11 have been on sale numerous times at affordable prices

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    @kgilliland Thank you :) I Put in this pack now Shader for Cycles /Superfly and for Poser 2014 Firefly.
    Poser 2014 is the oldest version of Poser I have installed and I can not test the shaders on earlier versions. I also use here the "compound node" and can not remember if they work also in Poser 2010-2012. But I think this should do the job for most of the user.

  • I still use pp2014 as my base Poser (for rigging and set up), and I use p11 for fast posing and sometimes rendering. Also still Firefly, I prefer the sharp edges and heavier effects as it works better for comics. I only use Superfly for scenes with volumetrics and perhaps caustics. I had to roll back from SR11.1 to SR8 (or 6?) because the new category system added extra data (smack in the middle of the classic keyframe data string) and stopped me from being able to copy keyframes back and forth between P10 and P11.

    Running W7 & GTX760 across 5 machines.

  • @Ladonna I wouldn't worry about earlier versions of Poser Ladonna. I've stopped testing in my Poser9 because a gal I test for regularly at HiveWire is only creating with PP2014 or PP11, and some things aren't working as expected in Poser 9, and she doesn't do shader packs. I would think shaders would cause even more problems.

  • @erogenesis I never updated to PP11.1 because of issues folks were complaining about when it first came out. I just didn't want to be bogged down with issues while trying to beta test in an expedient manner because Poser wasn't behaving properly.

  • @Miss-B The categories are a great idea but not implemented in an effective way yet. I've since written scripts to deal with my keyframe issue and I'm going to send them my scripts on JCM updating, keyframing and pose loading (like from 3 seconds to instant) and hopefully help them swing things around for the better.

  • lol hang on, the original question was about SF shaders versus FF shaders and whether to bother.

    I will dread the day they drop FF support, but its probably inevitable. PBR is a 'thing' these days, and although I can see its advantage, Poser doesn't seem to entirely 'own' it yet. But that doesn't matter, its the latest tech, isn't it? Lately, CGI is more about trends than actual art, especially with the speed its all developing. In five years from now I wouldn't be surprised if there would be Ultrafly, developed for photometric game-centric graphics cards, and the same question will be raised about Superfly, and I'll still be busy trying to round off my 15 comic project in FF on an W7 i7... which is why insane fanatics like me would rather stick with old and proven tech and actually get something done, than just go along with anything trending and have no time to refine any skill at all.

    Soooooo my answer would be, if you wanna make cash, don't bother. If you wanna help out a hardcore brother in need... probably don't bother either because the fanatics will be making their own shaders anyway lol.

    But yeah I'll still be using Firefly for a while to come. It does the job.

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    @Miss-B Yes, you are right here. Had over RDNA one time the mess. Poser 2014 Shader mess up in lower versions of Poser and I refuse to build shader for Poser 8+9 . Simply because I did not use those two versions anymore. Was a huge mess with the betatester and Colm lol