How to import fluid/pyro sims into Poser?

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    Houdini FX export formats:
    0_1523952873499_Houdini formats.PNG 0_1523952997169_Houdini distributed sims.PNG


    RealFlow export:
    0_1523952958076_RealFlow networking and export formats.PNG

    P11Pro uses Alembic (.abc) for dynamic cloth sims, but does not import Alembic. Darn.
    I would guess that Collada (.dae) or FBX would be the only routes for importing an animated effect?

    Both programs offer GPU acceleration, and both offer networked simulation.

    So, who has used these programs?

    How did you import into Poser?

    What other alternatives exist?

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    Has anyone imported a fluid/pyro sim from either Houdini or RealFlow into Poser? If so, please elaborate on how-to. I'm not too concerned about material translation, just getting the mesh imported. An animated mesh would be even better!

    Can the Alembic format be imported? If not, does the SM dev team intend to expand Alembic support (beyond the current cloth dynamics)?

    These licenses are expensive, and I don't want to buy one unless I can use it to get stuff into Poser. If I can get it into Poser, I will be tempted to get the studio license plus networking license, and use my server rack to grind out the fluid dynamic simulations.