I may be changing my email soon....

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    Everything you do on the net is like an open house with no doors.

    Good and bad people will get what they want anyhow, regardless, whatever you do.

    Any system, all systems can be hacked into and abused till death turns into dust.

    Privacy is vaporware on the Internet.

    On the net?
    You are naked and it does not matter how many layers of clothing you are hiding behind.

    There are two rallying cries in this world, Tony. One changes things, hopefully for the better, the other maintains the status quo.

    I'd rather opt for the cry of "No More!" than the one that says "Oh well!"

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    Tja Earl, there simply is too much money to be gained or lost in the information gathering business.
    See all the big players, Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Yahoo, they all collect info, may we like it or not.

    Euh, this reflects also what I think about the "cloud", OneDrive, Googledrive, Dropbox and all the others (......) fill in the blanks, we have to cope with these days.

    If 10 year olds can hack, so can everybody else.

    if the internet was the ocean? There would be no water left.

  • I figured this change was a CYA response to what was happening with the facebook lawsuit.

  • @redphantom I agree, but I also agree with Bagginsbill. Like Tony, I just didn't care that much. But I'm crying no more. Tony's right, it is happening, but I don't have to participate. That's why I'm not on Facebook or Twitter. Email is a little harder to not join, but I'm certainly going to try.

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    "We’ve also added a class action waiver" So, yeah, CYA.

    @redphantom said in I may be changing my email soon....:

    I figured this change was a CYA response to what was happening with the facebook lawsuit.

    What is most irksome is that this not only affects my old freebie Yahoo account, but also the paid account through my ISP:
    0_1524091703602_snip from Frontier-Oath notice.png

  • I'm thinking about switching over to GMail, since I already have an account with them anyway. Just never used it. Of course that may be temporary as well.

  • @eclark1849 That's what I did years ago. I had my original Gmail addy for over a year before I actually started to use it. Now I have 2 others, one of them dedicated just to my forums.

  • I've taken to not having an email address at all. When the need arises I go to 10minutemail.com and use the address given there for confirmation requests and such. it vanishes without a trace in 10min so I leave the page open and renew until no longer needed.
    I also have a revolving IP that changes every 10 min automatically....

    HEY, just 'cause you're paranoid does'nt mean theyre not out to get you...LOL

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    They're going to get your Barbara,....they're coming for you Barbara..mawwaahhahahah!!!

  • protonmail.com might be an option to consider.
    Couple that with the Tor browser, and you might enjoy a bit of privacy for a while.
    Although, highly unlikely.

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    Thank you, @JAFO and @krios! 0_1524206969720_thankssign.gif

    I've already got the new broadband modem installed and cable routed. I can get the internet service connected this weekend, then the phone service will change on Monday.

    I have no delusions that email is secure, but when a paid ISP/email service demands that I give them express permission to root through my email and photos, and that such permission also constitutes a waiver of my right to join a class action suit, then I'm out.

    Once I get the new email established, I'll begin updating my profile at the 3D forae and stores. 0_1524207715073_yes_nod.gif

  • @seachnasaigh I think it's going to be interesting to see what happens to both Yahoo and AOL. Both used to be Power house sites on the Internet in the early days. I used to use Yahoo all the time and AOL was where my internet name and email address first came from. I've been eclark1849 since then.

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    I've been with Yahoo since they offered their stocks for free ... (I was an idiot and didn't get any) ... I don't have any numbers after my name ... it's that old!!! Still it's my primary e-mail and since I don't give a hoot about what they do with my information. I limit what I post online anywhere ... it doesn't matter to me.

  • @Boni I don't do a LOT of communicating by email, but increasingly, a lot of my personal stuff is coming to me via email since a lot of companies are trying to save money by doing more and more of their communications via online and email. My utility companies are sending me notices, my bank is sending me statements, as is my health insurance company and my hospital wants me to pay them via online. I'm not deliberately telling people my deepest darkest secrets but doesn't mean I want them rooting through my stuff. And Yahoo has already been hacked once that we know of. Who knows if there are more that they haven't told us about? Frankly, I don't know enough about what they want to root through my emails for to NOT care why?

  • Gmail? If privacy is a concern and considering Google is the only company that puts Facebook to shame when it comes to how much of your personal information they collect, @ghostship's suggestion of RunBox is probably the best solution (although not free).

  • @Cobra I have a visceral dislike and mistrust of my current cable company, but I do get my internet services from them. And as if turns out I have had an email address with them for years and never used it. Might be time to start.

  • I had never heard of RunBox before, but even though it's not free, their pricing structure is fairly inexpensive, even if billed annually, that's not really a lot of money.

    My concern a few years ago was more to do with Google search, so I switched to StartPage and have been quite happy with the switch.

  • @Miss-B if you pay them withing 24 hours of signing up they give yo a second year free.

  • @ghostship So just $20 a year for an email account?

  • @ghostship said in I may be changing my email soon....:

    @Miss-B if you pay them withing 24 hours of signing up they give yo a second year free.

    I'll definitely keep that in mind.