New version comming

  • Just as a service to those that did not see it

    CLIP STUDIO PAINT Ver. 1.7.4 Update (Windows/macOS/iPad) will be released on April 26. It includes over 50 improvements including new 3D drawing figure functions.

  • @Micmac Is this an English language release ... I only saw the Japanese announcement ?

    The only thing of use to me was the ability to open multiple files in a single Open operation. Looks to be mainly features for 3D and iPAD.

    It says they are offering a subscription model on Pro and EX.... I hope that does not mean its an offer you cannot refuse !?

  • It is a copy/paste of what they announced. So it is also the english version. I think from now on we have unified versions.
    The new 3d drawing figures look great.


  • Full (translated) announcement minus pictures:

    CLIP STUDIO PAINT Ver.1.7.4 Updater Announcement (Update)

    April 19, 2018 (updated on April 20, 2018)
    CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX / PRO / DEBUT Ver.1.7.4 Updater (Windows version / macOS version / iPad version) will be released on April 26 (Thursday). We also update CLIP STUDIO to version 1.7.4.

    ※ The iPad version will be available in AppStore as soon as the review is completed.

    Main update contents of CLIP STUDIO PAINT

    We are planning the following update in Ver.1.7.4.

    We will renew the function of 3D drawing doll. 【EX / PRO / DEBUT】
    ○ Newly, 3D drawing drawing - Ver.2 (male) - 3D drawing dummy - Ver.2 (women) will be added.
    ○ 3D Drawing You can set the body shape of the doll with [Tool Properties]. We will improve setting items and interfaces.
    ○ The [body type] category is added to [Tool Properties].
    Newly added 3D drawing doll is an improved model to make it easier to use for illustration / manga production

    You can select how to display the pallet dock. 【EX / PRO / DEBUT】
    For each pallet dock, it becomes possible to switch the display method when clicking the area where the icon is displayed. In addition to the pop-up display, you can also select the tab display.
    Right-click the area where you want to change the icon of the pallet dock you want to change, you can switch from the menu. On the iPad, press and hold this area to display the menu.

    The display method of pallet dock can be selected from tab display · pop-up display

    You can add the default setting tool. 【EX / PRO / DEBUT】
    [Add initial tool] is added to the menu of [Tool] palette and [Sub tool] palette.

    Add initial tool dialog

    Cloud service will be easier to use. [EX / PRO / DEBUT] * iPad is also common.
    A tab to switch between [this terminal] and [cloud] has been added, and it becomes possible to manage the works on the cloud as well as the work inside the terminal. (Updated on April 20, 2018)

    【IPad】 We will start offering annual contract plan with new grade "PRO". 【EX / PRO】
    We will begin offering the new grade "PRO" to the iPad version. In addition, both PRO / EX will start offering "annual contract plan (maximum 50% OFF)".
    For details about the price of the new grade "PRO" and the annual version, please click here .

    ※ iPad version "PRO" is equivalent to the function difference of PRO / EX of Windows version / macOS version.

    • Update to version 1.7.4, you can use "iP" version for iPad. Even if you already use EX, switching to PRO, environment settings and materials will be inherited.

    CLIP STUDIO PAINT for iPad new grade "PRO" can be used at 240 yen a month

    For those who apply for the iP grade EX grade, the available capacity of the cloud service will be up to 100 GB (after May 8).
    If you subscribe to the monthly plan or annual plan of the iPad version "EX", the available capacity of the cloud service will be up to 100 GB (after May 8).

    ※ CLIP STUDIO account used with the iPad version, it can also be used from PC (regardless of PC version grade).

    • Multiple page data can only be opened in EX.
    • Those who already applied for the iP grade EX grade (those who are free for the period of 6 months) are also eligible.

    (Updated on April 20, 2018)

    【IPad】 We will improve file management function. 【EX / PRO】
    The name of the [File Management] dialog box is changed to [File operation / sharing] dialog. In addition, we will improve various functions in the dialog.

    ○ You can open the file from the [File operation / share] dialog.
    ○ The button for displaying the menu is added to the [File operation / share] dialog. You can change the file name from the menu, share files, copy and delete files. You can also display the menu even by holding down the thumbnail for a long time.
    ○ When [List] is displayed, the creation date of the file will be displayed.
    ○ From the [CLIP STUDIO PAINT] menu, go to the [File] menu.
    [File operation / sharing] dialog

    Other improvements
    In addition, we will fix some of the features improvements and defects that you have pointed out.

    ○ [Windows 10] Fix the phenomenon that unintentional movement occurs by operation with pen and touch after applying Windows update.
    ○ You can open multiple files from [File] menu -> [Open].
    ○ [Object launcher] is added to the [View] menu. You can switch the display / non-display of [Object launcher] displayed when 3D material is selected.
    ○ In [Preferences] dialog → [Tool], [Display brush size circle at center of canvas when changing brush size] is added. When changing brush size, you can toggle display / non-display of circle previewing brush size.
    ○ Various settings of [File] menu -> [Export animation] will be handed over to the next execution as well.
    ❍ [Output cache] is added to the items that can be initialized in the [Initialize activation] dialog. You can initialize the cache created when [Multi-page Export] or [Convenience Print] is executed. The output data is not deleted.
    ○ In [Tool Properties] when entering text, the initial setting of [Font list] display method is changed to [Display font name with specified font].
    ○ You can operate canvas and [Page Management] window when displaying [Binding 3D Preview] dialog.
    ○ 【mac】 pixiv You can select CLIP STUDIO PAINT window by live distribution using Sketch or Google Hangouts.
    Main update contents of CLIP STUDIO

    We are planning the following update in Ver.1.7.4.

    The interface of the cloud service is new.
    A tab for switching between [this terminal] and [cloud] is added to the [work management] screen, and it becomes possible to manage works in the cloud as well as works inside the terminal. We plan to add a tab to change [this terminal] and [cloud] also for material management in the future renovation.

    [This terminal]
    [Interface] Operation interface

    Interface for [cloud] operation

    In addition, we will do 54 functions improvement and defect correction.

  • No Text improvements no pdf import not much of anything except the greed driven iPad shit.

  • I'm worried that the focus on iOS will overshadow the needs and wishes of us stationary computer based users.

  • @megalosaurus said in New version comming:

    I'm worried that the focus on iOS will overshadow the needs and wishes of us stationary computer based users.

    Greed will always win out and this greed driven subscription bulls&%$ is what is driving the IOS thing. BOYCOTT!!