Importing images with transparent backgrounds

  • Hi. This is probably a pretty basic question. But I would like to import some images that I have that have transparent backgrounds. But when I try, it turns the background black. I would like it to be white.

    There's probably a simple setting I can use or something, but I haven't found it yet, so any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • If I have saved an image (or downloaded it) as a file with transparency (PNG or GIF) then when I open it in CSP it shows transparent correctly. If I copy and paste the same image or "Create New from Clipboard" the transparent areas show as black. If I use the clipboard within CSP it works without going black... so I assume its a feature of how the browser puts the image onto the clipboard.

  • I created a transparent background in Gimp, exported it as .png it imports as black, exported it as .gif and it imports as white. Give that a try.

  • ugh? Clip Studio opens pngs with their transparency intact for me just fine.

    Make sure it's saving the alpha mask when you create them.

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