Purchased Files - multipart filenames all the same

  • I just purchased several items from Content Paradise. When I got to my downloads, I discover that multi-part files all have the same name. I am using Windows 10 Home edition. This means that the second and third files are given filenames by my OS with the (n) appended.


    From the download page for my order, the files are President45Poser.zip and President45Poser.zip (same name !)

    After downloading, my files are President45Poser.zip and President45Poser(1).zip (because otherwise, my OS will overwrite the first filedownloaded if I insist on using same filename!)

    This was not the case in earlier store versions.

  • For my own archival purposes, I am fixing this.

    How to tell if we downloaded duplicate or actual subsequent file ?!

    I am renaming with alphabet: (1) becomes b; (2) becomse c; and so on.