color palette problems

  • I'm trying to add and rearrange colors in my color palette, but every time I restart clip studio, it goes back to my previous palette. i don't know at what point this stopped working, because it did work some months ago.
    I have 1.7.1 Clip studio paint EX, running windows 10.

    hope somebody can help.

  • The only way I know how to reproduce your problem is if Icrash out the program rather than quitting properly ( e.g. re-booting the PC while CSP is still open. CSP saves all the changes ( palettes, Actions, new brushes workspace configurations etc. ) only on quitting.

    If you are quitting yet still having this problem then you have something weird, Perhaps the obvious first tackle of the problem may be to upgrade to the latest version ( not that the version you are on would be the cause of it ...but just that the upgrade might reset whatever is broken in your setup).