Did you like or Dislike Apollo Maximus?

  • @Ladonna Thank you dear :)

  • OK. So he doesn't have a morph per se to tuck the junk away, but it's still moveable so you can get rid of it enough to clothe him realistically.

    And he is kinda nice. I think his "soft" features make him look younger. But he's a great figure in many ways. I just wish I had more clothes for him ...

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    @trekkiegrrrl Pretty handsome guy :)

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    He is probably the most useful and well structured male figure ever on the market ... available for free and a wiki to find all his resources. Yes he takes a little adjustment, but no more than PE. I think he is fantastic!


  • If I could have figured out how to deal with his genitals, I would have used him more. Currently, if I hide them, it leaves a gaping hole in his mesh that is very difficult to model around. I tend to do mostly superhero type stuff, and tight fitting clothing looks funny that way. But I don't dislike him, and he can be morphed in so many different ways.

  • Like the figure. It has slightly different usage procedures for fitting and posing, compared to more familiar Poser figures. I should get back to using it.

  • @rokketman Sad thing is, I don't even remember starting this thread. Anyway, you could have modeled a separate pouch to fit his existing genitals and smart prop them to his crotch. No hole and you can model pants for him. If you were in a modeling program, wouldn't the genitals be showing anyway?

  • @eclark1849 I probably could have found a work around, but at the time, I had other things going on, and wasn't feeling it. I may break him out and try again one day.

  • bastblack made an alternative hip morph in 2007 - called AltHip for Apollo - it smoothed the genitals area to a barbie bump and included a magnet to allow for improved clothing fits while using the AltHip morph.

    I have the zip file but the readme doesn't state if it can be shared and I couldn't find a download link.

    bastblack used to be active on deviantart.com but I haven't noticed him on my feed recently

  • @adi Do you remember where you downloaded it from? I could search for it, unless it from a defunct site...
    On the other hand, the morph brush in Poser 11 is pretty powerful. I might be able to do my own morph and see if I can get that to work.