Adjust Grayscale colors

  • Is there a way to convert a color layer to grayscale but i would like to adjust the threshold of each color something like LT conversion of layer which you can adjust posterization but this is only for tones. If you didn't understand me please send me a pm
    Thank you
    PS Also if i can adjust how bold and if i want each color be darker or lighter.

  • If you put a tone correction layer (hue/luminosity/saturation) above and turn its saturation down to zero you will have a grayscale while underneath is still the color layer then you can put a different correction layer or layers between the two layers to adjust the color effect.... e.g. you can add a posterization layer , or a color correction layer. ... some of that could get quite tedious to do and you may want to try this shortcut for a range of colou balances translating to gray...

    In between the image and the Hue/Saturation layer put a gradient layer and choose e.g. the standard Sunset gradient.
    Now , with that gradient layer selected and using a standard mouse move the cursor to hover over the layer blending mode box. Now turn the mouse wheel to cycle through the 22 blending modes and you will instantly get a wide variation in overall balances to choose from.

  • @888toto Thank you so much. Its very interesting and i like it.