Sticky right foot!

  • Hi all,

    I'm working with a character that has been donated to me by a friend. It's a the same as my own basic V4 but, because he'd made a couple of neat expression morphs, I've basically dialled everything else back to zero and am using it as a template for my own creations etc.

    The weird thing that's bugging me is that the character's right foot appears to be stuck to the floor. So, if I grab a leg part to move or twist etc, the leg itself virtually turns itself inside-out as the foot won't budge. The left foot is fine; I can drag a thigh or shin and the whole leg will follow, but not the right!

    I've checked properties and found 1 interesting thing: for the stuck right foot, I have an option button to change parent. But for every single other body part, this box is greyed out. In other words, I can't even match the feet with the same property!

    I'm still a bit of a novice but I've looked at every item on the Objects and Figures menus and cannot see how or why this foot is set the way it is.

    It's not a total disaster - obviously I can still move the foot OK by itself but it's damned annoying that the legs behave differently and it also messes up some saved poses.

    Any ideas? It's driving me insane... : - s


  • Just have a check in the Figure-Use Inverse Kinematics dropdown menu and see if the right leg is selected. If so, uncheck it and see if that sorts it.

  • Genius!

    Thankyou... :)