Toon Outlines (like RWBY maybe)?

  • Hey, all

    (Thought I posted this. Doesn't look like I did. If I did, I apologize to all. Newby here.)

    Working on learning Poser with an eye on doing my own animations. I especially would rather do toon renders than photorealistic stuff. Working my way through all the anime tutorials online that I can find, natch.

    Surprised at the lack of Poser animation online; wondering why such a lack, actually. Found the series RWBY from Rooster Teeth, though, and am mostly enjoying that one. Enjoying the look of the characters especially, and wishing I could figure out how the animators had accomplished it.

    Anyone know if that bunch ever did any articles or tutes on their methods? Or anyone ever figure out those methods on their own? I went by the RT site, but found no way to actually log a question asking about such. (Don't mind reinventing the wheel, but see no reason to do so if I can help it. :)

    And if anyone knows of a good anime/toon rendering tutorial (bearing in mind that my goal is animation, not just still-frame renders) they think I might've missed, feel free to sing out; I'm easy AND new at this.

    Many thanks!


  • I am far from an expert, but it looks to me that if they are rendering their animations in Poser, then they are using the toon shader and toon outline in Poser to create the images in the animations. If you are using Poser Pro 11, you can access the toon shader in the advanced material room and the toon outline in the Firefly render engine.

  • If they are not using Poser for the materials, then they are rendering the image files black and white and hand inking them in Photoshop.

  • @homyakchik On YouTube there are a lot of behind the scenes for the making of RWBY. Also they talk some about how it was made at the RTX panels. One thing I remember hearing is that all the rendering is done in preview mode. Also Monty was using a model and another exact model with the faces inverted so that it will not render except on the edges which gives the black outline for the figures. If I remember correctly this was done in Poser 9 and that is why Smith Micro created the Toon shaders found in Poser 10. Another cheat that Monty used was to make inverted copies of models and place them below the originals with a muted color pallet and that gives the impression of a highly reflective floor without having to do multi-bounce tracing and also can be done in preview mode (very fast). The biggest thing about the work in the first couple of seasons at least is it was done all in Poser and they used a ton of billboards to put in the special effects, such as the gun flashes. The flash is a pre-created animation and it was applied to a billboard. There was a couple of threads about this over at RuntimeDNA which are now gone, pity.

  • @homyakchik you might check out some posts by @ibr_remote he(or she) does anime style renders.

  • @ghostship hello yes I have been experimenting tee hee - my Gallery at DeviantArt has several toon outline and celshaded renders with small notes about them.

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    SM has a webinar coming up in May (12 and 13) to cover animating in Poser. It's through Digital Art Direct.

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    Also ... the toon shader in Poser (I have PP11) is excellent. You need to play with the lighting and adjust the degree of lines/shade balance to your needs ... and it only works in OpenGL.

  • I have some fresh notes using Poser surface (not cycles surface as I normally do) and Firefly renderer (unlike Superfly, which I normally use). My notes on producing these various looks based off anime-styles in poser Pro 11, using Poser surface and Firefly renderer: