Texture coordinate issue in Poser cycles

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    I have here a problem with the Texture coordinate node from Poser Cyles.
    Maybe somebody can give me a trick how to solve this.
    I create only with shader Polka dots which i would like to use on beads .
    The problem is, as soon I turn the Camera, the dots distort. No matter where I plug my dot nodes in the texture coordinate.
    Generated, UV, Camera, Obj..

    I made this shader after a Blender cycles tutorial and in Blender it works just fine when pluged in the OBJ node in the Texture coordinates. In Poser nothing happens, the dots stay distorted .
    Any Ideas somebody?


    1_1524730571372_dots2.jpg 0_1524730571372_dots01.jpg

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    This issue depends on how the ball is UV-Unwrapped.
    If you unwrap from view, front or back, you get this issue.
    The UV-s are stretching on the sides.
    => Check the obj UV map in something like UV-Unwrapper or Blender.

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    @vilters No, it is not a UV map issue.
    The mapping did not strech .I spent days for to map this stupid ball , in blender it works just fine. I have the feeling the Texture coordinates did not work proper in Poser cycles.

  • @Ladonna & @vilters is there a possibility that the Blender mappings are camera-relative, whereas in Poser they are strictly coordinate-axis-relative?

    I can guarantee you both that mathematically you cannot tile a sphere with that, or any regular hexagonal pattern. That's why soccer balls used a mix of pentagons and hexagons, not just hexagons. Regular hexagons tile a flat plane.

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    @anomalaus You are right. Poser use instead of object the world coordinate. Which is in this case wrong.
    When I plug the Camera node , the dots did not disort, but change size when you zoom in and out the camera.
    In Blender the object node works fine, when i plug it, the dots did not disort, they look from every direction okay.

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    @anomalaus My idea was something like this. My little daughter come home from school one day and show me her new Bijoux set which she buy in La Foir'Fouille with her friend together and I find it so cute that I want this for Evolution .

    https://www.qwant.com/?q=Polka dots beads&t=images
    Sad true, not possible in Poser.

  • @Ladonna ah, but that's a great link with a useful clue to how to create your beads and tile them. The linked beads have a low dot density, on the order of the number of facets on the platonic solids (tetrahedron: 4, cube: 6, octohedron: 8, dodecahedron: 12, icosahedron: 20), like this:
    0_1524824431068_platonic-solids-html5-animation-ipad-nexus-7-4.gif from here: platonic solids

    which gives you hints on how to UV unwrap them (in the second row). You can pick the one that best suits your needs, give it a single, or small number of dots in each face, then subdivide the object until it's more spherical, which should, hopefully, preserve the UV mapping and dot pattern. If you keep the number of dots proportional to the number of edges on each face (such as one in the centre, and one at the midpoint of each edge), the pattern should appear regularly over the whole shape, without distortion.

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    @anomalaus Thanks :) You are a genius .

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    If you're OK with specifically 8 dots on the sphere, then this works with little complication.


    Looks like this on Poser's Ball Hi-Res which I shrank to 5% scale:


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    @bagginsbill Thank you :) This is awesome. This is pretty okay for me.