A Headlamp in Poser...just an Idea.

  • Hi, i recently tested DS, but it does not work for me.
    But some things in DS i find usefull, are not avaible in Poser.
    I use Poser since Version 4 and every time i create a scene, i had to set up a lightset for lighting the scene and a worklight set to navigate throu the scene and pose the figures.
    In DS you find a headlamp attached to the camera, so, everytime you move the camera, the subject in front of the camera is well exposed and can easyly be posed.

    Maybe some of you have done that befor and this is yesterdays news to you, but it was not mentioned in any tutorials.
    I have made this kind of Headlamp-Camera setting for poser and i like to share the process with you.
    And it was easy to do.
    I made my main camera visible and created a point light.
    Camera and Light share the same coordinates.
    As a last step, i set the Main Camera as the parent to the point light, thats all!

    Now, when i move the main camera, the point light follows and everything is bright as daylight, no auditional Worklight necessary.
    If you done with posing, switch the headlamp off and render with scene light setup.
    What do you think, any objection/suggestions?

  • As you already said, I can say it's well known, however, I'll try to explain how to do.
    First of all, I think you know how to save the startup scene, instead of using the factory default.
    Set your scene, add the sky dome (EZDome) an infinite light (as sun) at least two other infinite lights, but in the Material Room, set the last two with Diffuse and Specular to Black.
    You can also add more Cameras and set all of them as you wish.
    Once you're satisfied, save it as Preferred Scene, and you're done.

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    Yes, well known, and you forgot one more step.

    No need to turn the lamp off before rendering if you set it like this.


    For some reason, the Preview ignores the light being set to black, while both FF and SF pay attention. The result is the lamp adds no light except in preview.

  • I'm amused by everyone saying this is well known, then offering useful tips. Nothing's well known for everyone. I haven't experimented with this, but I will now that you've pointed it out. Thank you all!

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    Funny, just ask for this enhancement in Mantis :) @marco we had the same thought.

  • @willshetterly I know, there's always something to learn as not everyone does the same things.
    I really can't remember when I started to use my scene setup, but I'm pretty sure I was using Poser 4.

  • I have one of these light setups in my free lights over at ShareCG. Just add them to your existing light setup and they will light your scene for posing but not change the rendered light setup.


    I also have a few other useful things there including my Superfly shader set.

  • Interesting, i will keep this in mind.
    I have changed the startup scene, on a secound thought, because i could not save the camera with the attached pointlight into the library.
    So, i followed the next logical step and made this setting to be my default.
    Thats quite handy, because its so much more easy to navigate the scene.
    I also turned shadows off.
    ghostship, i will check on this lightset of yours, sounds helpfull.
    Thank you all so far.

  • @marco I can vouch for Ghostship's light set, as I use it at least 90% of the time.

    I can also vouch for his SuperFly Shaders pack. Very nice selection to choose from.

  • Too bad that all those goodies are only available on ShareCG... :(

  • @fonpaolo sucks to be you...

  • @fonpaolo Did I miss something about ShareCg?

  • @fonpaolo seriously, dude. If you can't get an account at Share CG due to some technical limitation I'll send you the zip files if you like.

  • Besides how tired I am of creating an account to another site just to download something, although interesting and/or useful, I remember that his "reputation" wasn't so high, back in the days.
    Probably, there may have been many changes, until now, but every time I asked someone, I never got an answer.

    edit: I started with 3D since long before the new millennium, you can imagine on how many sites I'm still registered...
    ...and very rarely I use content created by other people, most of the time it's just to look if there's anything interesting, as a shader or something I think it might be useful to know.

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    @ghostship They are great. Use them also but they have limitation when you have to move you camera a lot ( like me now with weightmapping, using smooth brushes and morphtool, checking pants from every direction) . A build in light without camera interaction would come here handy.

  • @fonpaolo So I hear you saying you want me to make people sign up for an account to use my free directory? ;)

  • @eclark1849 Sorry, I don't understand...
    I've looked at things available on ShareCG many times (many times clicking on a link to download something you'll end up there) and if I remember correctly, you can't download if you're not registered.
    On the other hand, many friends had told me to use another email to sign up, because of spam, a lot of spam, years ago.
    As I said before, maybe something has changed, is it still like that?

    I mainly use Renderosity, sometimes the "other" one, DeviantArt, other 3D sites (like Turbosquid) and so on...
    I'm still registered on almost every Poser related site on the net, but most of them are now gone.

  • @fonpaolo As far as I know, yes. Although I don't know about the fake email thing. As far as spam, I don't get that much email from them. I actually get more notices from my bank.

  • @Ladonna I just use a IDL light with no shadows turned down to about 50% to get overall lighting. I render in SF almost exclusively now so don't even need to turn it off when rendering

  • @fonpaolo I am using the Website in question and yes, you still have to have an account, but i dont recall to have recived a single newsletter since 2010 i would say!
    I think there was a setting in the Option menu were one can choose to recive newsletter or not.
    I use this site as a source in a regular basis, seems to have some stuff that renderosity Dir not have, for some reason.