A Headlamp in Poser...just an Idea.

  • @eclark1849 Oh, well, so we're both on the same boat.

    @marco Thanks for the information, I'll give it a look when I have time.

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    @amethystpendant Thanks :) But I think 2018 it should be obsolete for a application like Poser this kind of workarounds.
    To implement a simple working light is not really a rocket science and when you see how other apps improved they technology nowadays and we still need "workarounds" for simple stuff, that makes me really sad.
    I love Poser, but now it is time for this application to move forward and go with the time.

  • @Ladonna I completely agree with you. (to go back to the discussion)
    I started playing seriously with Blender a few years ago, I understand I'm comparing apples with oranges, however it's getting better with each new version, Poser is still largely stuck to its origins and even adding some "new tools" it's still very limited.

  • The only "downside" with Blender is the lack of a library, as it was with Carrara (but I left it after Version 8), with many other software I used and there is no easy way to have it in Blender (yet).

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    @fonpaolo I use different applications, depends on my mood and what I want to create .With this I am very flexible . But till now Poser still remain my fav application.
    The problem is, 2018, Poser has way to many outdated technique inside and to archive art with the standard from 2018 , get more and more frustrating. Workarounds are almost in every step a must.
    Don't get me wrong, I accept workarounds for many thing I do in my app's, but for simple standard stuff, this get a bit ridiculous .
    Or more serious stuff like the obj im-and export.This has to change ASAP because the workflow for creating high quality content with this "bug" is very time consuming and frustrating. Many vendors don't want to deal with this anymore and move somewhere else. And once a vendor move, he does not come back anymore. Those vendors are lost and when people stop creating content (high quality) , than user will stop to use this app too. As simple as that.

  • @Ladonna During the years I've used many applications, from pure rendering tools (but with an already good library system) to pure modeling tools (just to build stuff), from Imagine 4D, to Cinema 4D, to 3D Studio, to Carrara, to Hexagon, just to name some, now Blender.
    Workflow has changed in many ways, Poser is still in my tools mostly because the huge amount of shaders and objects created in years of use.
    I bought Poser 11, but given all the unsolved problems I have with it, I'm still using Poser 10, maybe it's better, because I've to "translate" all the shaders I've done for SuperFly...

    For the objects I've created and imported in Poser, my only solution is still to deselect "Smooth polygons" and lower "Crease Angle" to 20,00 or 10,00 (even if deselected, if you leave it at 80,00, will give you problems...)

    Obviously, you've to think about this problem when you start creating something to use in Poser.
    I know some people uses a "double edge" around sharp corners, to avoid the "balloon" effect.

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    @fonpaolo I been through this edge problem , trust me. Smooth polygons is on my obj files by default off. Change crease angle is one workaround, which most of the time work, but with some other stuff not. The frustration level is pretty high now and I really hope this problem get solved with the next Poser version.
    I learned modeling in Cinema, moved to LW , use sometimes my husbands 3DSMax, Vue, ZBrush and DS.And now deep in Blender :)
    But still, Poser is where I come always back and open it each day , just for playing around or when a new idea pops out.
    Hope the developer focus with the next version on the important stuff, so we can continue to use our fav Software without to much frustration. :)

  • @Ladonna Poser does support smoothing groups for hard surfaces. Well only a few modeling apps do support it.
    For hard surface objects my workflow is: Importing the obj into 3DCoat and let it auto create smoothing groups on import (not perfect but most of the time ok). Than export as an obj and its ready for use in Poser.

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    @nagra_00_ As I know it does not support, or at last I don't know about. 3Dcoat I don't have . After my experience from 3DSMax, it makes more problem than anything else.The smoothing groups ..I mean

  • Part of my work is related to buildings and interior design, being them hard or soft surfaces, the balloons are always around the corner... lol.
    I'm fighting with Poser for over twenty years, now.

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    @fonpaolo As I understand correct, ( blame me if I am wrong), Poser does not read the normals properly. He create after the UV seam his own normals which mess up on hard surface. Poser was created for organic shapes like characters, so here not a big problem. But on Hardsurface this method fail.

  • @Ladonna That statement kind of irks me a little. It's like telling a painter he should ditch the oil paint, brushes and canvas for digital computer graphics and get with the times. But I'm going to assume you're mainly talking about hacks and not Poser overall. :)

  • @Ladonna I don't have 3ds but i do know that correct use of SGs can be tricky. 3DCoat works well for me.
    Here an example, obj imported into Poser as is with ballooning:


    and here after let 3DCoat create smoothing groups, looks fine to me:


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    @eclark1849 hehehe, yep, but did our Poser girl don't need a nice loft ? Or should we leave her with her sword in a temple ;)

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    @nagra_00_ Yes, looks nice. But unfortunately I don't have 3D-coat and in 3DSMax this does not work :( And in LW also not.
    Blender I can not tell, I am still learning it and ZBrush, well my skills over there are very limited lol

  • @Ladonna in 3DSMax it should work. I know about at least one DAZ vendor who used SGs at the time when he still created hard surface objs for Poser.

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    @nagra_00_ Yes, hard surface work, but not smoothing groups. makes more mess than it is worth it. How I say, the most elegant workaround is to try to hide your UV seam on places where it is not visible or you split you OBJ in pieces or you bevel your edges.

  • @Ladonna strange, i just checked some old objs. I know about two DAZ vendors who used SGs and one of them (StoneMason) does use 3ds. He used the 3ds Max Wavefront OBJ Exporter freebie by guruware, maybe thats the trick... but as i don't have 3ds i have no clue about any details:(

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    @nagra_00_ Could be that he used a third party exporter. But I know he had problems too at last.
    Lets hope the SM fix this issue.

  • @fonpaolo I use a "throw-away" email for sites like ShareCG, and yes you have to be registered to download. In fact, the last email I ever got from them was to notify us of that change. Whether it was back in 2010 or not, I don't recall.

    The only thing that annoys me is, you have to "login" every 20 or so days. They don't have a "stay logged in" option. Then again, I don't go there that often, so not surprising I guess.