A Headlamp in Poser...just an Idea.

  • @Miss-B Thanks for the further information. :D

  • @Ladonna Do you have an example you could share? I've tried creating a model with your issue but can't get it to break like yours does.

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    @amethystpendant I dont have the original OBJ anymore . Only the Poser created. This is pretty useless now. Sorry.

  • A way to avoid ballooning whic has worked since Poser 5 (where the ballooning started) is to simply Split Vertices on the obj. Yes, it gives you a slightly larger file, but with absolutely no ballooning.

  • @Ladonna

    Hi there

    I use mostly for modelling 3DS Max or Cinema 4D but 3DS Max is my SW which I use, newer version of the 3DS sometimes broke what has been working in previous versions, due this I still use 2014 and 2016, because I have some plugins which works without the problems in 2014 but they don't work in 2016 etc

    As above @nagra_00_ suggested try Guruware OBJ exporter, I have this one too I think, but I use rather FBX and then in Poser export this FBX to OBJ and no issues although, its bit more steps to do but works for me

    This OBJ export from 3DS bugging me too, because when I export anything from 3DS to Poser, there I don't have material layers etc and due this I rather use FBX than OBJ

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • @nagra_00_ that looks interesting. Since I have been parsing OBJ files, I have noticed the smoothing group 's' lines, but never seen them effectively used. Do you have a simple example like a cube, for instance, that works differently with and without smoothing groups in Poser? It would be interesting to see what could be done to actually add them within Poser (as in, have a Python script identify which edges/facets/groups belong to a particular smoothing group, and then build a new obj file and load it into Poser).

  • @anomalaus No, i don’t. But for a simple test you can use a simple box (not the poser primitive as it is not a simple box) ) and set the crease angle to 120. That should give artifacts. Now open the grouping tool, select one side of the box and assign a smoothing group id to it. You will immediately see the difference. BTW Poser does use SGs as soon as they appear in a obj file, special action necessary.

    If you want to write a script that does optimize an obj file, be warned: automatic creation of SGs can not solve all problems that may occur. 3DCoat e.g. does apply SGs when the angle between faces is greater than a given threshold (default is 30 degree). This works in most cases but not all.

    I remember when i bought the DAZ only Perouges set by Faveral. Thought i am on the save side when importing it into Poser as Faveral always made high quality meshes. Well after import i got lots of ballooning and shading errors. I run the set through 3DCoat and the result was better but the quality was still not what i expected. So i got in contact with Faveral and asked if he is going to make the obj files available. He gave them to me and mentioned that i was the first asking for the objs. With the original obj files the set looks perfect in Poser. Quite a difference between automatic created SGs and manually created SGs by a master ;)