What's One Thing Poser could include in the next version...

  • Given that most newcomers plop a nude female into their first scene, it should load with a lightset that made her look good. The default lights are rather meh. They're dated.

    My Preferred scene loads with BBs light setup as default. (the one with two spotlights and two boxes. I know the Area Light really has made this one redundant, but I like it) Plus a "LOOKSEE" light to brighten everything up until rendertime.

  • @fonpaolo All I'm saying is that newcomers are just that... newcomers. If you've been around since Poser 4 you know how o set up a preferred scene. They don't.

  • @eclark1849 ...yes, I understand, however I learned how to do it reading the manual. lol

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    @fonpaolo manuals are essential for new user but even for old user too. Take me as example, I use Poser also since 4
    Basics, lights etc...not a problem, for new user yes.
    But sometimes strange new ideas pop up in my mind and I have no clue how to archive this. The manual help me here already a few times out.
    They can be as PDF offline or online, I don't care. But for me at last manuals are essentials. Woman can not know everything ;) Some help here is always nice .

  • @Ladonna We never stop learning... nor we can avoid it. ;)

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    @fonpaolo Yep, and I love to learn new stuff.

    1. spherical (equirectangular) camera built-in for VR360 output (with stereo mode options).

    2. the option to animate parenting objects (yes, I know about constrains).

    3. the ability to work with G3 models without any issues. (people are actually moving to DAZ3D just for that reason alone, and I considered this after 10 years with poser :( ).

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    @gsfcreator The third option is not possible without permission from DAZ.

  • @gsfcreator Consider that not all people who use Poser "need" to use DAZ models, in addition to what @Ladonna said.
    It's always the same discussion: they're different applications and if you really need it, you can use Studio.
    I remember someone in Renderosity forum who's been able to create a way to use the "G" family in Poser and I also think this is well known.

  • @gsfcreator said in What's One Thing Poser could include in the next version...:

    1. the ability to work with G3 models without any issues. (people are actually moving to DAZ3D just for that reason alone, and I considered this after 10 years with poser :( ).

    Dude! Seriously!! Is that supposed to be some kind of threat??

  • @eclark1849

    of course its not a threat.

    I just state my honest opinion. I've been using poser since 2008, and I'm the type of user that learns as he goes (I bump into a problem - I google/ask, learn, move forward). it took me countless of hours to learn what I know, and there's still tons that I don't. moving to a new workspace is a very intimidating thought for me.
    I don't create my own content at the moment (models, props, etc). I focus on creating animations and comic-book-like stories, so I always preferred to buy stuff from the people that knows how to create them and focus on what I do know how to do.

    the field that I'm creating at is very demanding in terms of the need for change, thus - I bought a new "skin" for almost every project that I created. that makes me a very "good" user for every content maker out there. having G3 working in poser will benefit both smithMicro and Daz, in my humble opinion. more content creators, more $$$$ spend. its good for the vendors, its good for the consumers, it's good for the market. its good for everybody.

    having said that, I understand that there are things behind the curtain that I probably don't understand. it's just My heart's wish. I will learn other work-flows, If i have to (as I learn to use octane now, just because I had no native 360-camera option in poser) - But I'd really rather stick with what I know and deepen my knowledge. I know that if something will make me upgrade to the next poser in a blink of an eye - its the things I've stated that I miss in the correct version that I use.

    *an apology update: I just saw the "......That would make Poser easier for a newcomer to use?" now. I answered in general and not specific to what you stated.

    I guess some in-program video/audio tutorials will be helpful for the newcomers.

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    ha-ha-ha-, no Earl what he means is that the "future" SM content creators should at least have looked at a naked woman and man, at least once in their lifetime, before building the new figures. LOL. Then buy a mirror and copy their movements before starting a rigging session.

    Posers defaults, and there are many small and larger, are not its biggest drawback.
    It's the content that comes with the app "that needs the big improvement step."

    And on the side : New figures "have" to come with enough SM build support equipment "at release time" to sustain the first 6 months after release until the content creators have taken over.

    SM needs to do this internally.
    You never figure out how good or bad your OWN figures are until YOU actually start building content for them. => it is during support item building that you discover how strong or weak your figures are, and this needs to be done BEFORE release..

  • @vilters SM is a software company. The figures it makes are generally just "demonstration models". DAZ, on the other hand, is a content company. It should be making better models. This was a pretty nifty symbiotic relationship until DAZ changed hands. The main problem, as I see it, is that Poser is just one product that SM puts out, and not even their biggest product. Certainly not one worth changing corporate thinking and strategy over.

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    Unfortunately Earl, I know all too well.

    One strategy change could be to make all native Poser figures MR, just like they did with Paul and Pauline. (Unfortunately, their worst figures).

    What a creative team could do with Rex and Roxie ? ? ? ? Their best meshes. But they are not MR.

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    I learned more about my own figures during the building of hair and clothing then I ever thought possible. It's when building the support items that you discover the strong and the weak points of the mesh, the rigging, and the texture.

    You really need to spend some creative months with your own figures before releasing anything. Time the SM content creators never got. (Not their fault).
    It's the system.

  • For me what I would like to have in next version:

    1. Physical camera with tonemapping option, ISO control etc

    2. Update or upgrade SuperFly to latest Cycles which supports AMD GPU as well, many of Apple users do have AMD GPU and this would make big difference to these users and can make bigger impact on sales as well in my opinion

    3. Ask AMD if they can include their ProRender in Poser as next renderer or speak with Corona developers if they can include their renderer which is CPU only but still is faster than SuperFly in CPU mode

    Hope this helps

    Thanks, Jura

  • @jura11 If you want to use the Corona renderer, you don't have to wait on SM. the renderer is available as a standalone application at https://corona-renderer.com/download

  • Let me chime in and mention my one thing:

    • 'Save figure with current setting as new zero'.

    produces geometry as-is of course, all joints become zero as they are rotated, all keyed dependencies are moved accordingly.

  • @F_Verbaas good luck with JCM's, especially in the clothing if that were implemented.

  • @amethystpendant That would be a complete cluster**** on anything rigged. It might work fine with dynamics, but not with rigged items.