What's One Thing Poser could include in the next version...

  • Hello @ trekkiegrrrl:

    You can move any hair to the "hair" library, be it conforming, "figureHair", or prop hair. All will load without problems.

    The only difference is that you can't determine in advance which hair is a figure and which one is a prop, but else all load without problems.

    Only when SAVING any hair to the "hair" library it will invariably get the .hr2 extension (which means if you want to save a hair FIGURE or a hair PROP, you must save them to either the "character" or "prop" library and then move the resulting files manually).

    So there's always a bit of "fiddling" involved. On the plus side you have all hair in one place.

    Mange hilsner,

  • @karina Actually, on a Windows computer you can tell the file extension if you hover your mouse over the png file. That will give you a visual on the file name and extension.

  • Ah! I never noticed that!
    Thank you for the hint, very appreciated!

  • ooh nice. Time for some spring cleaning. Tomorrow. Or the day after :P

    But great that it IS possible. Then again .. why not. You can have poses in the Camera and hands library after all L

  • @trekkiegrrrl The hands library is a pose library.

  • @karina said in What's One Thing Poser could include in the next version...:

    Ah! I never noticed that!
    Thank you for the hint, very appreciated!

    You're welcome. All my hair is is one folder and materials for each hair in the folder with the figure/prop/hair file. I hate jumping all over my runtime for stuff. :-)

  • @trekkiegrrrl I re-arranged my library years ago. You could do that since Poser 8.

    I hate jumping from figures to props to poses to materials so my runtimes are all arranged with the supporting files with the character in one folder.

  • @eclark1849 said in What's One Thing Poser could include in the next version...:

    @trekkiegrrrl The hands library is a pose library.

    OK OK . MAT Poses then ;)

    Back in t'days before the library supported more than 256 folders, people got used to putting MAT poses all over the place. I still have some left in both hands and camera and even light XD
    Makes it interesting to find anything. BUT I cling to my old and frankly BLOATED Poser 4 Runtime. I just can't see myself reinstalling everything. And moving things .. sure. But with great caution.

  • @ trekkiegrrrl

    yes, there's a slight problem when moving content, especially if it doesn't adhere the "textures to the Texture Folder and geometries to the Geometries folder" rule,
    I've seen enough content where textures and/or .obj files were stored in the same folder as the proper figure/prop/injection.

    As long as you move the ENTIRE folder elsewhere, it shouldn't be a big problem. Problems start when you relocate single files from within that folder elsewhere because you have to be careful to keep the file links working.

    Poser likes to read (and write!) relative paths to files needed for any item in the library. As soon as the relative paths don't find the file(s) needed Poser will start an (often unsuccessful but VERY time consuming) search through all your registered runtimes.

    A "relative" path (the file(s) requested must be in the same folder as the loaded item):
    "Aleksandra Face.jpg"
    An "absolute path" (the file must be at the precise location, preferably even in the same registered runtime):
    "runtime:textures:Karina:Sandra:Aleksandra Face.jpg"

    However, things can get really awkward when there are "wrong" absolute paths in the files (like, the texture files are in the same folder as the figure/prop/character/whatever):

    The character is (wrongly) placed in the "Figures" library:
    but the texture in that .cr2 file references to (absolute path):
    "runtime:libraries:character:Aleksandra:Aleksandra Face.jpg"

    Now at first glance everything looks fine and appears to work - UNTIL you move the folder from the "Figures" library to the "Pose" library!
    (Because "Aleksandra" is a character morph and should be in the "Pose" library instead of the "Figures" where only figures should be)

    And even though you've copied the complete folder over to the "Pose" library, the product suddenly stops working...
    Of course it does because there is still the reference back to the (now moved and thus no longer existing) folder:

    This is really difficult to fix without editing the files manually!
    What I do as a quick fix is to mark such content with a .cm2 file and a thumbnail with RED text reading "FUBAR" :D

    Like this I am warned when trying to load those, and while my next render is cooking I can examine the content closer and fix it! (yes I LIKE to tinker!)

    After looking at my text again I hope it's not TLDR;
    However I had a little time while my current render is cooking, so I thought I'd spend "a few minutes" for a reply :D


  • @Glitterati3D
    Same here, at least for the items I build myself.
    I distribute referenced files to 'Geometry' or 'Textures' folders makes sense only if they are generic and I intend to systematically and frequently reference these files from other content. For an incidental reuse I simply make a local copy.

  • @fverbaas Same here, too. Geometries and Textures are left as the original creator designed them. All others are fair game and moved where I want them into a single folder in my runtime. It's just so much more convenient.

    Ken Gilliland has started distributing his Songbirds the same way, BTW. It's nice not to have to move them all around during installation.

  • If only people in general would always keep the geometries in the geometries folder and the textures in the textures folder, everything would be a lot easier.

    MOST people do, but then there's the occasional "rebel" who'll think rules don't apply to them ;)

    And it makes for FUBAR wen you move stuff.

    I recently consolidated to ancient PBooosted Runtime into one. At least I can find my stuff without having to manually swap folders.

    But OMG you collect a lot of stuff over the years. The oldest parts of my Runtime is from 2002 -_- and I'm a hoarder ...

    The good part is when you find something you bought perhaps 10 years ago and forgot about. It's kinda like Christmas XD

  • @trekkiegrrrl A lot of that I believe lies at the feet of Poser itself. Several versions ago, they relaxed the rules on where content can reside. That's why you have a lot of clothes and hair in the props land cr2 libraries.

  • @trekkiegrrrl
    Having everything in one folder, headed and labelled by the item, allows you to move it around between Runtimes or delete it as you like.