Making hair behave as hair should...

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    So far my messing around with hair props sums up of Manually animating hair using things like "wind/left" "left front/back" etc (you know what I mean, probably...).

    I've seen programs that have hair "act" just naturally (Like MMD). the model moves - the hair moves, and the hair always seems to act upon gravity.

    I know it should be possible within poser, I just don't know how,, your knowledge and wisdom will be very appreciated :) <3.

    generally, I want to know if there's a way to have hair simply fall down and avoid sticking through the model's mesh, WITHOUT having to use simulations over and over.

  • @gsfcreator No, Poser is not magic. :) You have to work within the confines of the features it currently has. Currently in Poser, hair is basically either a prop or hr2 model which a vendor has made or it is strand hair which can be animated or styled using the Hair room feature. Note, Gravity will work in the Hair room on hair. As will Poser's Wind Force. But you will have to fiddle around with it.

    Another Note: Everything I've ever read about hair that you see acting "naturally" as you described is usually the result of a team working to make it look that way. Invariably, they all describe the hair as a separate character.

  • @eclark1849 & @gsfcreator having looked at the MMD models, their hair is, as @eclark1849 describes, effectively a figure, with multiple joints along the length of the hair. This, coincidentally, is exactly what Poser's strand hair has, with, by default, 20 segments per strand, where the hair can be bent by appropriately simulated physical forces such as tension, wind-forces, and gravity. Except for Poser models' tendency to high polygon density, the physics simulation in Poser should behave in exactly the same manner as MMD and SFM.

    @gsfcreator Poser does not really implement collision prevention without using simulations. Collision detection with some user feedback happens, but that's only useful for manually posing figures, which is inherently not what one typically does with hair, after the initial styling.

    Apps like iClone seem to have deliberately built in the bells and whistles of idle animation, but that's not where Poser has come from (or is even obviously going, though that would be nice). In Poser everything is up to you (within the limitations of the tools SMS has provided) [Cue maniacal laughter and rolling thunder] ;-)

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    It takes some experimenting to get this right but here is another trick.
    For prop hair that has 2 vertex groups head and neck.
    Parent the hair to the neck. Do not parent to the head but parent to the neck.
    It will follow all movements from head, neck and chest. (Parent, plus one group up and one group down)

    Works OK on conventionally rigged figures and works best on weightmapped figures where you can repaint the weight- and bulge map for twist, side-side and bend.
    Have a nice day all. Tony