No retina support on Mac?

  • Why doesn't support Poser 11 Pro retina displays on MacBook Pro and iMac 5K? All texts and icons are pixelated and blurry. Can't believe that!

    Poser 11 Pro: (German)

  • Strange. I have an iMac Retina 5k and everything in Poser 11 Pro ( is fine.

  • Maybe only a problem in the German version?

    Could you please right click on → Get Info and check the »Open in Low Resolution« state? For me this is checked and disabled and indicates that the app does not support HiDPI mode (retina).

    I have to open the and add the NSHighResolutionCapable key manually to activate HiDPI support.

  • @Babelfisch I have a 5k iMac and I hadn't noticed that Retina support was disabled by default. I just checked and you are right. The option is checked and greyed out for me as well.

    Thanks for the tip regarding editing the plist. Can you tell me where to add that key and how to enter it correctly? Thanks!

    0_1467123955423_Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.23.57 AM.png

  • 1.) First close Poser.

    2.) Open the application folder, then right click the Poser/ and choose »Show Package Contents«

    3.) Edit Contents/info.plist with a plain text editor. Toward the bottom of the file, just before </dict>, add the following lines:


    4.) run in Terminal the command: touch /Applications/Poser\ 11/

    Now start Poser again it should run in HiDPI mode and on Get Info »Open in Low Resolution« should be unchecked.

    But this is not save for updates and SmithMicro should activate this by default. It can't be that over 4 years after the first MacBook Pro with retina display a full price graphics software doesn't support HiDPI mode on Mac.

  • @Babelfisch Thanks so much for the information! I had to sudo the terminal command, but it worked perfectly.

    I agree with you... Retina has been a Mac standard for a long time now and it should be fully supported by Poser. This is my first Retina Mac, so I hadn't noticed that Retina support wasn't enabled by default.

    I wonder if there is a specific reason it's not enabled by default...because it's a ridiculous oversight otherwise!

    A screen shot so folks know what it should look like...

    0_1467125193423_Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.46.15 AM.png

  • Well that experiment wasn't very successful for me. If my experience is any indication, I think I know why Retina support isn't implemented in Poser.

    Things seemed fine at first. The interface looked nice and crisp and clear.

    However, some strange behaviour started to occur.

    My renders (2000 pixels wide) were located up in the top left corner of the screen, rather than in the centre. Not surprising that the renders appeared small in relation to a 5k Retina screen. Weird that it was off centre though.

    Selecting (clicking on) items in the Hierarchy editor resulted in items being dropped elsewhere on the list, 5 or 6 lines above where I'd originally clicked. This resulted in unintentionally parenting items.

    These two issues make me think that Poser, in Retina resolution, doesn't seem to "know" where items are located onscreen anymore.

    As well -- and this was by far the strangest behaviour -- copying and pasting groups of material nodes in the Material room resulted in the pasting of groups of nodes I hadn't selected at all.

    e.g. I copied a "black chrome" material (5 or 6 nodes) and Poser pasted a gold material (2 or 3 nodes). It was a bizarre occurrence and I'm mystified by it.

    The off-centre renders weren't a huge issue, once I realized that I was working in full Retina resolution and the renders were small by comparison.

    But unfortunately the other two issues made Poser unusable for me. I think I will wait till Smith Micro and the Poser team figure this out for us.

    I have since changed the plist file back to the way it was, and ran the terminal command again, and things seem to be back to normal.

    It's entirely possible that what works on a Retina MacBook Pro might not work on a Retina iMac. I have no idea why. Video card? Drivers?

    So consider this a caveat for anyone considering giving this a try: your results may vary.

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    I don't know the particulars as i just googled a bit, but it sure looks like wx windows has issues (or did around 2012) with Retina and it's weirdo compatibility modes.

    Perhaps SM were never able to work around this.


    wxWidgets Discussion Forum
    wxWiki - WxMac-specific topics

    There are others - I just read enough to know there's something to this besides neglect or laziness.

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    You can set a UI scaling factor in Gereral Prefences (Edit menu).
    Set it higher for 4K or Retina displays. See Poser Reference manual p44

    I do not have a mac however, so i am not sure what addition settings are needed in Mac user interface (if any)

  • @bagginsbill said in No retina support on Mac?:

    weirdo compatibility modes

    This phrase gave me a chuckle. It's accurate!

    @wimvdb Thanks for the info. For me, it's not an issue of scaling. The interface scales just fine. For me the question was why Poser doesn't support Retina displays natively after all this time. But after my experiments this morning, and after looking at the articles linked by @bagginsbill, I can see that it's more complicated than simply re-sizing things.

  • As bagginsbill said, the scaling isn't the problem. The UI elements, menus and dialogs are in none HiDPI mode unclear. See these screenshots:

    Poser in none retina mode
    alt text

    Poser in retina mode
    alt text

    Hope you can see the different. The characters and icons on the second screenshot are clear and nice.

  • @Babelfisch The difference in clarity was very noticeable when I tried your plist trick this morning. I wish there hadn't been all the other problems.

  • Oh, I meant: As James_in_3D said… :-/

  • @Babelfisch
    I took a screenshot of this area too; at 200% in Photoshop it was similar to your upper shot.
    Tried the plist idea but with no joy. 'Open in low resolution' was still checked.

    iMac Retina 5K 27", 3.3GHz intel core i5, 32 Gb ram. AMD Radeon R9M290 2048Mb.

  • The best way to see the different is to open the file dialog and compare it with finder or another file open dialog.

  • @A_Sunbeam said in No retina support on Mac?:

    I took a screenshot of this area too; at 200% in Photoshop it was similar to your upper shot.
    Tried the plist idea but with no joy. 'Open in low resolution' was still checked.

    iMac Retina 5K 27", 3.3GHz intel core i5, 32 Gb ram. AMD Radeon R9M290 2048Mb.

    Did you run the Terminal command after editing the plist? I had to add "sudo" to the beginning of the command, so it would run at an administrator level.

    sudo touch /Applications/Poser\ 11/

  • @James_in_3D
    Yes - putting the <key> line right before the final data, tried without 'sudo' first and nothing happened, then with 'sudo' and still nothing happened. NB with 'sudo' the 'touch' line was not accepted as a command.
    Also tried putting the <key> line before the last <string> as well and P11 refused to open.
    So I restored plist and all was back to normal.