Are You Interested?

  • I have two applications looking for beta testers. One you already know and the other is new.

    The first one is the Genesis 3 Updater Version 2. The new features are:

    • Support for Genesis 8, Genesis 8 Eyelashes, and Victoria 7 Eyebrows
    • Added weight maps for the tongue
    • Updated to use .Net Framework 4.6

    I call the new one: DSON Material Reader.

    The DSON Material Reader reads all DUF files in a folder and sub folders then creates a matching Poser native mc6 materials file.

    As we see with Firefly and Superfly, there are many difficulties to transfer material settings between rendering engines. DAZ's DSON Importer especially lacks in this area. While the Importer handles 3Delight shaders passable, it fails on Iray shaders. The worst issue is that it creates image paths with the wrong slashes. The wrong slash interferes with Poser's workflow and the Octane plugin.

    My DSON Material Reader attempts to assign an image map and value for the Diffuse, Specular, Transparency, Bump, and Normal Map settings for each material. The idea is to create a simple material that can be easily updated, i.e. EZ Skin.

    Like with the Genesis 3 Updater, the DSON Material Reader was built for personal use. So, be kind.

    If you are interested, private message me.