Looking for HQ mo-cap animations.

  • Mostly every day things, like walking and running, sitting down and getting up, etc.

    I've done searches and found some things but it looks like everything I'd buy is made for DAZ and G4-8 so that's no help to me. I'm also looking for animations that would be compatible or at least require the least amount of fixing for SM figures (alyson, miki4, roxie, pauline). I also would hope that these animations aren't made for figures wearing high heeled shoes, that seems like it would be a lot of work to fix.

    I've used the walk designer a lot and while it is flexible it's never given me the natural looking movement that I'd probably only get from mo-cap animations.

    Any suggestions/links I can check out?

  • @johndoe641 Check the Animations category of my directory.

  • I looked through those links you have. I did find a lot of bvh animations and poser native pose packs but many are for V4, so how well does a V4 animation translate to SM figures?

  • @johndoe641 You have to do a lot of tweaking. It's hard to find figure specific BVH files. I know, I tried. So you have to download what you can find and then tweak every frame. The hands are the biggest offender in most cases. There are no movements assigned to them in most cases. You will also have to deal with a lot of intersecting parts, like the hands passing through the torso.

    For my money, I think I would rather just pose frame by frame and be done with it. That takes forever, but it's less hassle for me. Others may disagree, I don't care. Think about, though: you have to go through frame by frame and tweak a BVH file, so what's the difference between that and posing frame by frame?

    One more thing I've found with those BVH files is that the figure is usually not on the ground after you apply the file. And while there is a script in Poser that will put the figure on the ground throughout the animation, sometimes it also causes issues with the feet, as part of the animation my require the figure to lift the leg...

  • @rokketman Ockham has a script to help with that. In fact he has several. http://ockhamsbungalow.com/Python/