PLEASE READ... Conduct in the Forums

  • Please remember the forums are for sharing ideas, helping each other, asking questions, and sharing knowledge.

    If we get multiple complaints regarding posts of individuals or back and forth between two or more, we will be forced to restrict access to the forums for a time for those individuals.

    Let's keep it civil

  • In addition... Stay on Topic and stay with the Topic. There is no reward for responding to every post in every thread.

    If you do not have something positive to add, skip responding.

    If you do not have anything to say on the specific topic, do not respond and derail the thread.

    There are not any general Chat Threads in this Forum and no Soapbox Category for users to grandstand.

    Do not provide Criticism unless they requested... asking for help to adjust a pose is not an invitation to play art critic

    On the same subject... If you ask for comments, do not get upset if they are not glowing!