Can You layer on special effects in EZSkin3?

  • Here's what i'm thinking. I' thinking you can create a number of presets to apply to any Poser figure through EZSkin. For example, wet skin, dirty skin, sweaty skin, bloody skin, sweaty, bloody and dirty, soapy, etcetera. Anybody know if this can be done or if you can ask Snarly. I don't do CGBytes or I'd ask myself.

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    Well I am here too :)

    The answer is both yes and no.
    The EZSkin API supports layers, but I haven't made any plugins that use it yet.
    Further development of the API to make it easier for users to layer things using EZSkin has been halted for the moment, as D3D brought out a cool utility which does that.

  • Do you mind letting us know what and where the product is?

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    D3D Perfect Skin SSS Pro from Dimension3D, available at renderosity.
    It works on all human figures and all has lots of options for things like overlays, wetness, etc.