Desperately need help!

  • So I recently invested significant money into a GTX 1080 Ti in hopes of speeding up my renders, which it did. However I've experienced a couple of odd crashes. Because of this I decided to update Poser to 11.1 today. I had been holding off due to all the issue people had updating when it originally came out. My drivers and OS (Windows 10 Pro) are completely up-to-date, so I figured I better update Poser before I come to the forums to start asking for help with the odd crash bug.

    Wow was that a mistake!

    I now can't install the Poser 11 content update ( because it claims that "it can't find a poser installation" while every other update finds it and works perfectly fine.

    What is far worse however, is that GPU renders are now 4 to 6 times slower!!!

    The default scene with just Andy and the Construct rendered to 10 pixel samples takes 5 full minutes to render on a GTX 1080 Ti. I am not exaggerating. I literally timed it! This is a scene that should be rendering in a few seconds! And did so before this update.

    Poser is SO slow with GPU rendering now as to be unusable. At this rate, a render that was taking a few hours will take 9 or 10. This is ridiculous!

    Please somebody help! Or tell me how to roll this piece of crap back to the earlier version that at least sort of worked.

  • @mr_phoenyxx there is a whole thread on this subject. I'm sorry I can't be much help here because I did not upgrade. When the latest version came out I was busy with a project and could not upgrade, and the the s**tstorm happened with all the problems so I just never updated it.

  • @mr_phoenyxx also: one thing I do remember is that if you have "render in separate process" checked it will slow down your render. Take a look at that first.

  • Thank you @ghostship !!

    I had read that thread originally which is why I specifically held off on updating. However, none of the listed issue relates to mine. My version updated appropriately. I just can no longer install the content update. Possibly I don't need it, as I installed all of the other content when Poser re-installed to be 11.1 instead of 11.

    However, I went and checked "separate process" in the settings and it was unchecked. Which makes sense, since Poser was un-installed and re-installed as part of the update. Turning that option on has returned the proper speed to my renders. Which I know is the opposite of what you said, but just so long as I can render at a decent speed then I don't care. Lol!

  • If you installed 11.1, you do not need the Content Update. That is part of the full installers.

    If you are trying to update to 11.1, you want to download the application installer, Support Files installers and Nude Figures installers and run them in order to upgrade your installation.

    For the GPU Render... contact support with the details.

  • @ratscloset Thank you for clarifying that. I had sort of figured that is what was going on, but now I know that is the case.

    I already fixed the GPU rendering issue by turning "separate process" on for rendering.