Remote GPU?

  • Sorry for all of the posts today.

    So before I made the huge mistake of updating Poser today, I could submit a render to the Queue and the remote machine would use the GPU to render if it had one. Now I cannot seem to get any remote machines to do anything other than CPU renders.

    Any idea how you get a remote machine to use its GPU?

    Thank you!

  • @mr_phoenyxx IIRC, there appears to be an issue in that the version of QueueManager was not updated in parallel with Poser, and the versions of the render nodes must match QueueManager, so anything that gets updated ahead of QueueManager will no longer communicate successfully.

    Please, somebody, correct me if I am wrong about this. I had only just started to play with the render queues when Poser Pro 11.1 update came along and it all stopped working.

    [EDIT: Oh, I see you had a similar, but more authoritative answer from @ratscloset in another thread. Yay, I wasn't wrong! Booo, I wasn't wrong.]

  • Network Rendering is limited to Firefly as is the Background Render. Both use FFRender. There currently is not a SFRender tied into the Network/Background Renderer.

  • @ratscloset said in Remote GPU?:

    Network Rendering is limited to Firefly as is the Background Render. Both use FFRender. There currently is not a SFRender tied into the Network/Background Renderer.

    As of SR5 you could background render using Superfly. From the P11.1 update readme at the SR5 update part.


  • Let me rephrase it as I was responding to the GPU aspect specifically... CPU support is different than the GPU Support. I should have said... Network is limited to CPU... GPU Support is not yet available in Background or Queue.

  • @ratscloset I think I get your point, but there is no such thing as "SFrender". All rendering is processed by FFRender regardless of which rendering engine you are using.

  • @anomalaus Yes, there are definitely issues in the "latest" version of QM which is not actually available as a separate download. I have already reverted my installs of QM back to the older version before Poser 11.1. This is the same version I was running before I updated to 11.1, and my remote systems used to use the GPU before on this exact version of QM.

    And now they don't. Using the same version of QM, but on Poser 11.1.

    Anyway, all these repeated major bugs that aren't being fixed are rapidly driving me away from this software and this company.

    I do appreciate everyone's help though! :)

  • @raven Well I may be doing something wrong, but as far as I can tell "Background rendering" does absolutely nothing. Because Poser is completely unusable when "background rendering" is turned on. By that I mean, it still locks the interface, gives me the rendering process bar, and I can't do anything with Poser. So I don't really see what the point of background rendering even is.

  • I'm not getting any of these problems, I've got qm version on both machines. I do have poser 11.1 pro installed on both. I can send files with the render settings set to gpu to queue manager and they render. The remote machine appears to be rendering with the gpu ( the general lack of responsiveness on the machine despite the processor only being about 6% loaded suggests it's the gpu fully loaded, but I don't know how to check the gpu activity.)

    I don't normally use background render but tried it. The rendering bar was there for few seconds but then disappeared but I could still use poser while the rendering was actually taking place, albeit with some lag.

  • @j.naylor73 part of the problem is that when you run the Smith Micro Download Manager, with your QM serial number, it only offers Queue Manager for download, not a version If SM have released at QM with matching version to the latest Poser Pro, they need to update the Download Manager and let people know!

  • Oh, that explains it, don't know how I got the updated queue manager, and not going to try to find out by downloading stuff as I don't want to break something that's working,

  • @j.naylor73 I've just checked my own QM on my main machine with Poser Pro 11.1 and it actually shows the serial number, because it was installed with and during the Poser Pro 11.1 upgrade installation. The trouble is, remote machines do not necessarily get Poser installed along with QM, so the first installer you'd reach for would be the QM one, with the QM serial number, not the Poser serial number.

    Crazy, and frustrating. I'm going to try just copying the matching version number QM to my remote machine and see if it works. I should not have to do so. That's what the Download Manager is supposed to deal with.