My background vanished after adding frames to my animation timeline

  • I have Clip Studio EX and am new to using the animation feature.

    I created a new document with an animated timeline. The document has an Animation folder for frames and the Paper background below that to provide a white backdrop. I also added a layer above the paper with some hand drawn lines to act as a guide for me.

    Next I went back to the animation folder and drew into the first frame. Then I clicked the New Animation Cell button in the Timeline window to create my second frame, which I then drew in. This went fine for the next eight frames (the default animation length was 8 frames). When the time came to add my ninth frame, I had to drag the right guide on the timeline to the right to make room for extra frames. I then added the ninth frame, and when I went to draw in it my background Paper and hand drawn lines turned off! They reappear when I scroll the playhead back in the timeline to view earlier frames, but do not display for frames 9 and beyond.

    Is there any way to have the background appear for all the frames in my animation?

  • Figured it out. Frames in the timeline have a little bar running across their top indicating their hold time. By clicking and dragging on the end of this bar, you can make it hold longer.

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