Why does it take so long to save the image after a render?

  • These are simple renders that take maybe 15 seconds, but I have to wait for up to a minute before Poser is done saving the result. (PP11, Windows 10, 64 bit) ... and why does Poser lose focus at that point (and many other points)?

  • @ElZagna how many cached renders do you have?

  • Ah-ha! Millions (or about 100). I know I had set it to 20 in the previous version of Poser, but it appears that none of my preferences were carried over. Grrrr...

  • I speculated in another thread that there is a consolidation process involved when saving an area render which follows a full render of the same scene, as in within the Recent Renders tab, selecting an area render shows the area render over the previous full render, rather than against a blank background. This obviously requires some processing to merge the two images. Perhaps that preparatory parsing and consolidation for a potential save of combined full and area renders is what is taking noticeable time with larger render caches.

    It would be nice to have some definitive confirmation from SMS as to whether this is actually the case.

  • Quick tests show that it was the number of cached renders that was causing the problem. I also checked to see what it was set to in my previous version and it was 20. I don't know why Poser didn't (or can't) move my old preferences over to the new installs.