How does Rebelle hold versus Paintshop Pro?

  • For my minute image editing needs I use Paint Shop Pro 7.
    PSP provides artistic paint tools in the same vein as Rebelle.
    Does anyone have experience how the two compare?

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    I only dabble with natural media stuff but own ArtRage & Corel Painter Essentials (also tried the full demo of Painter about a year ago); I also use Photoshop CC with some of Alex Dukal's brush sets like the Aquarellist brushes. Compared to those, in my opinion Rebelle is the best for artistic painting by a considerable margin.

  • I have been using it long before Smith Micro sold the software. I was a PaintShop Pro user back from JASC Days. I was looking for something new when some of my features disappeared after JASC Sold it. I stumbled across Rebelle in my search. I originally purchased it to help with real world painting, because the behavior is so right. I had used ArtRage and a few others but found myself going back to Rebelle. The behavior is so right, I sometimes forget you can Zoom In and undo when working with paints. The other thing I do not make enough use of is the Layers. I work on a single Layer most often, but recently started working with Layers more.

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    I have Painter the full version and after Adobe CC now Affinty.
    So can not really compare but Rebelle looks pretty good for Artistic painting.

  • Thank you all.
    I have been dabbling around a little this morning with the demo version and indeed Rebelle comes a lot closer to 'the real thing' than the paint material implementations of PSP X7.
    I particularily liked the dynamics, with pigment in watery colours actually setting in the lower edge of the painted area and dripping/sagging effects taking place.
    Mixing of colours needs to be done on the palet. Wet over wet strokes with different colours do not mix well on the canvas, which is good to prevent a drabby mess like yours truly tends to make of his RL media. LOL!
    Anyway I like the concise interface. You easily find what you are looking for.
    Missing (or not found yet) is the option to have the palet as a separate canvas to pick color from (palet usually becomes a painting by itself), and to have different brushes loaded with different colors etc. available. (I tend to end up keeping 4 or 5 of those stuck between the fingers of my palet hand in a sort of 'fan'.).

    In short: I am convinced. Need to save a little to get the $$.