Manga STudio 5 to Clip Studio Question.

  • I'm Actually very happy with MS5; so I have two questions relative to upgrading my software.

    1. Is it possible to use Photoshop Brushes directly in Clip Studio; I am a regular subscriber to ImagineFx and most every issue has a brush collection which I can only use in Sketchbook, but I really prefer MS5.

    My other question is, is the down load the whole program or just a small installer. I am planning to upgrade my laptop in the next few months, so if the download is just an installer I am thinking it might be best to wait till I am on my new system for the next couple years.

    Oh and BTW Pencils - Just curious if any readers have any opinion as to how CS handles Pencils do they look and feel natural. My own work has always been overwhelmingly Graphite based with minimal color if any at all. TY all BB.

  • You can't use the ABR format in Clip Studio but you can stamp the brush on a layered PSD and bring that PSD into Clip Studio/Manga Studio and save THAT as a brush.

    As far as I'm aware - unless something has changed and I missed the memo (entirely possible) - it's a full installer.

    All brushes, I feel, in CSP and MS5 feel natural. For really natural feeling AND looking brushes, try Frenden's brushes:

  • Thanks Much. : ) I do have the Frenden Brushes, at least an older set and they are quite nice. BB