Wait 9500 second(s)? Is this a joke?

  • @ElZagna @dbwalton There has been a shit-ton of spam over the last several months. It comes in spurts as some hacker/bot creates new accounts and posts nonsense in Chinese.

  • @ghostship This is something ALL websites have to deal with. There are better ways to handle spammers that don't penalize your users. For example reCaptcha is a great way to deal with bots and spammers.

    I'm not sure what software is being used to host this forum, but some sort of challenge/response (like reCaptcha) system is the way to go in many cases.

    Also, blacklisting IP addresses (.htaccess) works the best. Everytime a Chinese spammer hits one of my websites, their IP address is added to our blacklist. The sites I manage used to get 20-30 a day per site!!! Now we are down to less than 10 for the entire year.

    The nice thing about reCaptcha is the webmaster doesn't have to worry about managing it. You install it on the site and then let it do its thing. However, blacklisting in the .htacces file requires editing the file every time you discover a new hacker/bot.

  • @dbwalton I hear you bro. The best I can offer as just a guy who posts here like you is to upvote you a couple of points to get you past a rough patch.

  • @ghostship Oh, and when it comes to Internet security... I spent 32 years working in computer security (some of my patents in the field: https://patents.justia.com/inventor/brent-walton ). I'd think Smith Micro would want to thwart these hackers because it puts everything they've worked for at risk.

  • @ghostship Well, OK, but SmithMicro is a technology company. They have developers on their staff, and this is how they address the problem? They have access to my profile data and can see that I've been around almost since this forum started and have posted 40 times without a single spam post, and still I have to wait 9500 second(s)!

    How did they even come up with that number, anyway?

    So I guess this is no longer my problem since I have the required reputation points, still, this whole thing typifies my experience with Poser. Poser developers are, I'm sure, very good coders and are all on top of the latest technology, but they seem to be clueless about usability and human factors.

  • @ElZagna I get the impression that the division at Smith Micro that produces Poser is the redheaded stepchild of their company. It really doesn't fit in with the rest of their product offerings. What often happens in the software industry is a small company that has a promising product (like Poser) gets swallowed up by a big company (Smith Micro). We saw this happen with Nik Filters and Google.

    At the same time I bought Poser 11, I bought another unrelated software package. All software has bugs. Since purchasing Poser there has not been a single update to 11 to address some of the bugs. Yet, this other software package I bought has had at least 4 updates. (Hmmm... does anyone know if they keep a running bugs list?)

    I think the bottom line is the management at Smith Micro doesn't really put a lot of conviction in Poser and their graphics software. Had I found DAZ3D before I invested in Poser 11 I might have gone that route. I've noticed there is a lot more asset development with DAZ3D's Genisys 8 than any other figure out there. (I kind of like DAZ3D's business model - give away the software, and then sell a ton of assets.)

    That's my take on what's going on.

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    @dbwalton said

    At the same time I bought Poser 11, I bought another unrelated software package. All software has bugs. Since purchasing Poser there has not been a single update to 11 to address some of the bugs. Yet, this other software package I bought has had at least 4 updates. (Hmmm... does anyone know if they keep a running bugs list?)

    There have been at least 9 service releases since P11 was released, last one a few months ago.

  • @dbwalton & @wimvdb as a cautionary tale, since my Poser app is typically running constantly (well, as long as other apps don't swallow all my RAM and swap space and force a reboot), I can't trust the preference "Check for updates on launch" to adequately inform me of new releases. I have to rely on this forum, and when I remember, running SM Download Manager semi-regularly, to inform me of new Poser releases. Unfortunately, the debacle of the last release (no matching version of the separate Queue Manager for the latest Poser 11.1), and the missing notifications on the web site of the previous release has left me cold. This may all be due to a transitional phase in staffing of SM Poser division, but it certainly shows room for improvement.

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    @dbwalton said in Wait 9500 second(s)? Is this a joke?:

    For example reCaptcha is a great way to deal with bots and spammers.

    Captcha is no longer a good way to do it.
    Sadly there are more than a few bots that can get it right, every time....

    The AI bots has been out for over a year now......

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    @dbwalton Like @wimvdb say, there has been several updates for Poser since the Main version 11.
    And as for the content. Those are 3rd party vendors who create content, not DAZ and not SM.

  • @Ladonna I didn't say DAZ3D develops content, but they make a killing selling it.

    As to Poser updates, has there been any since February 2018?

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    @dbwalton Yes they selling it. Vendors create for DS and they sell it. But how is this SM fault when vendors choose to go to build stuff for Genesis? SM can not just implement Genesis in Poser, because it does not belong to SM . And to tie a Software on a character which belongs to another company, sounds not really like a good plan.
    The last update is not so long ago. Can not tell if in February , would have to take a look for this.
    You see, I use DS too from time to time. Like many Genesis character and spent really a high amount of money to get a decent content folder for Genesis 1-8. But I also still use Poser ( more, way more often as DS) .
    But what I like on Poser, I am more free and flexible with creating art.

  • All this is well and good, but I still want to know where they came up with that 9500 second(s) figure. I can see a nice round 10,000 seconds or some number that comes out to a nice round hour figure like 7200 seconds, but 9500?

  • @Ladonna You sure like to read things in to my post that I didn't say.

    Let me summarize what I've said...

    1. The 9500 second rule is really bad for customer service. They might consider something like reCaptcha instead of the 9500 second rule (and yes, October, 2017, the bots broke the alphanumeric picture recognition, which Google fixed by replacing it with pictures that look similar, but aren't the same -- i.e. click on all the pictures that have fruit in them. Google also last week released a Beta version of reCaptcha that studies the users interaction to determine whether the user is human or automated!) Or, implement blacklisting IP address of bots.
    2. Speaking of customer service, it is an area Smith Micro is lacking in. You open a ticket with them, and instead of getting a straight answer, they suggest you come to this forum where neophytes have to wait 9500 seconds before replying in many cases.
    3. I've found bugs in Poser 11, and in the 3 months I've owned it they haven't released any updates. (Adding... Poser 11 crashes at least once per session on me, while DAZ3D has never crashed on me.)
    4. DAZ3D seems to have a better business model. My comment about Gen 8 concerns its popularity vs. (for example) Pauline2's popularity. I would hope this is a concern for Smith Micro. (I'll add that Victoria 4 for Poser has more assets available that the Poser characters.)

    With that I'll add...

    On the positive side, I think Poser has a much better interface for creating scenes, posing characters, positioning lights, etc. DAZ3D wins in the asset library functionality area, but Poser's library interface is much cleaner.

    Heck, I'd like to see Poser do better than DAZ3D in all aspects. Why? It's good to have some stiff competition because we, the consumers win. I'd like to see Smith Micro come out with a Poser character - call it Pauline/Paul3 that blows the doors off Genisys 8 and has developers rushing to create assets for it. And, in response DAZ3D would probably come out with Gen 9 and back and forth the battle would go.

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    @dbwalton No, I understand you :)
    The 9500 sec was really necessary, we had huge problems with spam and I am not sure if captcha would solve this.

    Customer service, can not really tell, because I don't need them till now, cross fingers it stay like this :)

    You see, I have very rare crashing problems with Poser 11, while DS I could not use very long because did not run properly on my PC. And I had not some old machine, it was a brand new one, but DS close usually 30 sec after opening . In fact I was able to use DS only 2 years ago properly the first time.
    Pauline messed up, yes, she has a bad rigging but Scott made really a very great morph add on for her , which solves many rigging problems.
    V4 has a horrible base rig also. Only 3rd party ad ons could make from her an usable character. But at this time she was the only one.
    Genesis 9, how long will pay people every 1-2 year for a complete new figure with assets? Same morphs, same poses, outfits etc..?

  • @Ladonna said in Wait 9500 second(s)? Is this a joke?:

    The 9500 sec was really necessary, we had huge problems with spam and I am not sure if captcha would solve this.

    I think you're still missing the main point here, and that is the cluelessness with which SM handles its customers. It's not about DAZ or Poser, per se. I get the feeling that the whole company is made up of the stereotypical, socially clueless, high-tech nerds. They address a spam problem by burdening their legitimate, paying users with that ridiculous 9500-second rule. At the very least they could have filtered out users like me who have been around for a year or two and have dozens of posts. Do they think that there are some spammers who are so devious that they would hide in the bushes for a couple of years occasionally asking questions and offering advice only to spring forth with a spam posting and afterward be banned from the site forever?

    You say you're not sure if captcha would have solved this. Did they try? Every forum on the Internet has problems with spammers, but I don't know of any who have handled it less diplomatically.

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    @ElZagna Honestly, I am the wrong to yelling at . I am just a user like you and ambassador means not more than that I help Poser user with the application , give tips , tutorials in my freetime over social media, in forums etc..I am not in the SM team.
    At last you get help with your 9500 sec here . And most of the problems which get addressed here you got some help too.

  • @Ladonna said in Wait 9500 second(s)? Is this a joke?:

    Honestly, I am the wrong to yelling at .

    Wow! I am sorry if I came across as yelling. I'm not even taking this all that seriously. It seems to be the nature of online conversations that we come across as more hostile than we mean to. I was mainly trying to get the conversation back on track and away from another DAZ vs Poser discussion. My apologies.

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    @ElZagna Please read your posts. I got it that you are frustrated about the 9500 sec and customer service. But people helped you out and thats all the forum members can do. And try to help you with Poser related issues.
    But you still beating the dead horse.
    You know, People here get tired with "I should change to DS".....the same sentence over and over again in any variations.
    Try to discuss like this in the DAZ forums. You are banned before you finish your post.
    This is not a discussion what you do, this is bashing SM, Poser and people who help you , or at last try to help you.
    Sorry if my post offend you, but sometimes it is necessary to step back a bit. Even when there are things which bother you. Because with some stuff forum members can not help you.

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    There is a lot of assumption going on here.

    First off, most bots change ip addresses, sometimes with every logon.
    Anyone with even the slightest bot programming experience knows how to set that up.
    That makes a blacklist, completely useless.......

    We have had more than a few bots that made multiple accounts, let them sit without using them, or asked questions, then spammed the tar out of the forum.

    All things people are claiming, don't happen.... And they do. It did, right here in this forum.

    Captcha, same thing, tried it, added email verification, etc, useless....
    Every method of recaptcha can be botted, and everyone that knows anything about that already knows that.
    The botters proved that, right here.....

    This thread is now closed and if the bashing continues in other threads, it will be handled accordingly.