Wait 9500 second(s)? Is this a joke?

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    Honestly, I am the wrong to yelling at .

    Wow! I am sorry if I came across as yelling. I'm not even taking this all that seriously. It seems to be the nature of online conversations that we come across as more hostile than we mean to. I was mainly trying to get the conversation back on track and away from another DAZ vs Poser discussion. My apologies.

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    @ElZagna Please read your posts. I got it that you are frustrated about the 9500 sec and customer service. But people helped you out and thats all the forum members can do. And try to help you with Poser related issues.
    But you still beating the dead horse.
    You know, People here get tired with "I should change to DS".....the same sentence over and over again in any variations.
    Try to discuss like this in the DAZ forums. You are banned before you finish your post.
    This is not a discussion what you do, this is bashing SM, Poser and people who help you , or at last try to help you.
    Sorry if my post offend you, but sometimes it is necessary to step back a bit. Even when there are things which bother you. Because with some stuff forum members can not help you.

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    There is a lot of assumption going on here.

    First off, most bots change ip addresses, sometimes with every logon.
    Anyone with even the slightest bot programming experience knows how to set that up.
    That makes a blacklist, completely useless.......

    We have had more than a few bots that made multiple accounts, let them sit without using them, or asked questions, then spammed the tar out of the forum.

    All things people are claiming, don't happen.... And they do. It did, right here in this forum.

    Captcha, same thing, tried it, added email verification, etc, useless....
    Every method of recaptcha can be botted, and everyone that knows anything about that already knows that.
    The botters proved that, right here.....

    This thread is now closed and if the bashing continues in other threads, it will be handled accordingly.