How Does a Render Farm work?

  • Okay, so I'm thinking of adding a list of Renderfarm services to the directory in the Animation category. Here's my problem. I know WHAT a render farm is, but not the slightest idea of how one works. Also, I don't know if they support Poser or not. Am I correct in assuming that whatever software you use is irrelevant? And what matters is the file format your files are stored in? Can someone give me a better idea of what happens when you use a render farm?

  • Hi there

    There are few companies which do supports Poser Pro in their render farms

    and how it works,this should help

    Where I worked previously we are used Render farms a lot for animation jobs or for very large projects,although our company would be able build their own Render farm but they decided is not worth it etc

    I would consider render farm on few projects as well,but personally I don't do lots of animation and some my renders which I do in other SW can take up to 12 hours or more,few years back I found only one company which has been able to render with Poser renderers,now I see there 3 companies,but at least many companies support Blender Cycles which is good

    Hope this helps and thanks for adding this to yours directory there


  • @jura11 Okay so help me understand here.HOW OR WHAT EXACTLY DETERMINES whether a render farm supports Poser?

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    @eclark1849 said in How Does a Render Farm work?:

    @jura11 Okay so help me understand here.HOW OR WHAT EXACTLY DETERMINES whether a render farm supports Poser?

    • The renderfarm will specify the render engines which it supports; look for SM's Firefly and SM's Superfly. I don't think support for Cycles will suffice; the farm would need to support Superfly. (corrections welcome)
    • The renderfarm will specify which base softwares (studios) it supports; look for Poser.

    Renderfarms will also specify what optional plugins they support, but Poser doesn't use any of those.

    @jura11 's first link to RentRender has three lists on the left; clicking on Poser (specifying the studio) brings up three farms; clicking on SM Firefly (specifying the renderer) brings up five. (?) No option shown for Superfly. If you have need of a Superfly renderfarm, Earl, I guess you can give me a holler.0_1526306872828_giggle.gif

    I take issue with this statement from the RenderStreet blog:
    "The cloud/datacenter ones have pricing by core-hour, GHz-hour or server-hour. The core-hour and GHz-hour prices are relatively difficult to understand and can be confusing, both when estimating a cost and when reading the bill. The server-hour price is more straightforward: you use one server for two hours, you pay two server-hours."

    I assert that the cost per (core x GHz x time) is exactly what you want to know. The cost per (server x time) may be simpler, but doesn't tell you much. There would be a big performance difference between a server with a single H/T quad core CPU running at 3.2GHz, and a server with two H/T hex core CPUs at 3.46GHz.
    Likewise, between a GPU drone with a GTX760 and a GPU drone with three 1080Ti.

    The single H/T quad CPU at 3.2GHz would yield a core*clock of 2 x 4 x 3.2 = 25.6 GHz total.
    The dual H/T hex CPUs at 3.46GHz yield 2 x 2 x 6 x 3.46 = 83.04GHz total.
    Similarly for GPU rendering, you'd want to know CUDA core count and clockspeed. Also VRAM, because GPU rendering has limitations based on onboard GPU memory.
    All servers are not created equal. So, unless I also know how the servers are equipped, I'd want to know more than the number of servers.

  • @seachnasaigh Render Engines and Base softwares are not specifically the same thing, right? So it has to specifically state that the renderfarm supports Superfly?

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    @eclark1849 Correct; not the same. If someone wants to farm a Superfly render, I'd suggest contacting one of the farms listed (under either Poser or Firefly) and ask if they can do Superfly, because that list set is... incomplete.

    It's buggy that RentRender lists three farms for Poser (which uses Firefly, Superfly, sketch, and preview renderers), but lists five farms for Firefly. Poser farms should => Firefly farms, that is, Poser farms should be equal to or greater in number than Firefly farms. Superfly isn't even on the renderer list.
    You could also port Poser to Lux (via Reality or via Snarly's script), or port it to Unity or Unreal game engines (exporting FBX from Poser). Note to self: Install Unreal engine on my network, if hobby licensing permits. I already have Vue Infinite 2014.7 and Lux 2.0 installed.

    Specifying the render engine may seem an odd concept for a Poser user, but many studios - especially the big dollar ones- port to three or four alternative render engines. That's why renderfarms list both by studio (Poser) and render engine (Firefly, Superfly, Lux, Unity, Unreal). They also list plugins, in case you have a Vue scene which uses CarbonScatter, or a Maya scene using a RealFlow fluid simulation.

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    That farm may only offer Firefly rendering; it's a P10/Pro2014 icon (red & gold vitruvian man in armillary).
    They use an "SM" icon for Firefly. That irks me.

    Poser icons:
    0_1526377481299_Poser icons P4-P10.PNG........P11/P11Pro icon: 0_1526377526793_P11 logo.png

    Firefly icon: 0_1526377564295_Firefly 140x140.png Superfly icon: 0_1526377577595_Sfly logo shadowed.png

  • @seachnasaigh So even if it says it's a Poser Render Farm, it may not be. Best to ask then.

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    @eclark1849 Well, it may not be a Superfly-capable farm, so yes, I think it would be best to ask the individual farms.

    The appearance of the RentRender site suggests P10/Pro2014 Firefly. But they list five farms. Are all five limited to P10/Pro2014 (and thus Firefly)? If I wanted renderfarm service, I would contact individual farms to ask if they can do Superfly. Even if you were going to render P11 Firefly, that might fail if using P11-specific nodes or other features. So you may still need a farm with P11Pro even if rendering P11 Firefly rather than Superfly.

    I suspect the site is just not kept updated rigorously.

    P.S. I'm trying to figure out the TOS for Unity and Unreal. Assuming I can network those render engines using the free license, I'll add them to my servers. 0_1526388913958_thumb.gif

  • @seachnasaigh So how would someone contact you if they wanted to do a Superfly Network Render? Or are you not set up for that yet?

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    @eclark1849 They could contact me via chat/PM here, at HiveWire forum, or at Renderosity forum. I need to set up an expendable email, I suppose.

    I'm currently at 23 machines totaling 552 render threads, with an average clockspeed of 3.17GHz.

    I am indeed set up to render Poser (Firefly, Superfly, sketch, or preview) on my network. The last several proof-of-concept animated clips I've done have been Superfly. Note that Queue Manager does not distribute a single render across a network.