Firefly - Can't figure out how to light indoor scene with outdoor light.

  • The sun needs to be much brighter, this is why it's so dark in the room. Also, I recommend tone mapping to be turned on.

    Once you have the overall brightness dialled in, try increasing "indirect light quality" to get rid of the splotches (at the expense of longer renders).

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    I'm trying to learn more about tone mapping and poser. I'm not sure what settings to set and I don't even understand what it does. I'm looking for comparison images and through a comparison I can learn what tone mapping is.

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    Oh, dear, this has been a long time ago, but I remember a post from BB at rendero where he put the "external" light to intensity 5.000 or so to get the light inside to diffuse properly.

  • I'm rendering on this sorry excuse for a computer. With an AMD card. And Superfly. Yes, it takes time, but the result is SO worth the wait. Besides .. Firefly tends to stall halfway without even finishing the render. Superfly may take longer, but at least it finishes.

  • I've had some success in the past faking ambient light by putting a point light in the same location as the camera(shadows off) and adjusting intensity until it 'feels right' for the scene...Start very low intensity, test render, wash rinse repeat ...

  • @JAFO point lights are not a good substitute for area lights or mesh lights. They just don't throw out the same kind of light.

  • Hi there

    As above guys said,this second render has been rendered with SuperFly,SuperFly is lot better in archviz or interior rendering than FireFly

    But back to FireFly,you need at least two lights,usually I use one infinite light with shadows enabled with high intensity and second infinite light with shadows turned off,I usually add another light point light inside the room,in this render I rendered in Poser 11 with FireFly,there I used several lights

    alt text

    @ghostship above render has been rendered with FireFly and IDL enabled,personally I prefer to render with IDL like interior or exterior,my render settings are pretty normal

    alt text

    If I do interior renders I use only SuperFly,its easier to render for myself and render times are pretty reasonable but with yours PC,hard to say,I would invest money to better GPU if its possible GTX1070 or 1070Ti are great cards,but older GTX980Ti is good choice as well,but I would personally hold on with purchasing new cards,Nvidia will be releasing new cards sometimes this year,I would suspect sometimes in summer


    Yours CPU is older,upgrade would help you with faster render times,something like Ryzen 2600/2700 would be perfect choice

    Hope this helps


  • And here is same scene rendered in SuperFly

    alt text

    Hope this helps


  • @jura11

    How long did the firefly render take vs the superfly render? :)

  • @zazop said in Firefly - Can't figure out how to light indoor scene with outdoor light.:


    How long did the firefly render take vs the superfly render? :)

    Hi there

    Firefly render took around 12-15 minutes what I can see from log,first render took me 15 minutes as I didn't enabled Use Own Process which in my case lower render times and second FireFly render took me 12 minutes

    SuperFly render took me I think around 30 minutes and rendered up to 60 samples that's with 3 GPUs(GTX1080Ti,2x GTX1080),usually interior renders which I posted over on this forum take me up to 45-60 minutes,longest render is in 1 hour and 30 minutes but these scenes are my biggest and more complex

    Hope this helps there