Poser can't find file "com.obj"

  • I have a problem I have not encountered before. When trying to load a cr2, I get the message in the title, can't find file "com.obj". However, I have searched through the cr2, there is no reference to any file named "com.obj". I have checked every mc6 and every other document called by the cr2, nothing about com.obj. However, if I just press "Cancel" and then choose either yes or no for "continue looking for missing files?" the figure loads fine.

    I thought maybe the problem was that my file paths were too long, so I shortened some of them, but the problem persists. Has anyone run into this or know what the problem is?

    This is Poser 9, but I have a beta tester telling me the same thing happen in 10 and 11.

    Thanks for any suggestions or solutions.

  • @weswood can you identify all the lines in the file that contain '.obj' and extract them to another file so we can see the lines? Do they appear anywhere other than in figureResFile lines or prop geometry declarations?

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    @weswood D3D's Poser File Editor or Netherworks' Creator's ToyBox display all the lines of a Poser file with specific icons for each support file type (OBJ, JPG, PMD, etc). That makes it much easier to find things. But you can simply open the CR2 in NotePad.

    If you don't spot the problem, you could upload the CR2 to DropBox (et al), and post a link here; I'll take a look at it.
    No need to upload the geometry or texture JPEGs.

  • That's due to (another) Poser inconsistency in the files.

    Go to Poser's main program directory:
    (For other versions replace the "\Poser Pro 2010" part by YOUR version's path!)

    \Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser Pro 2010\Runtime\Geometries\Balance

    This folder "should" contain a file "com.obz" which is nothing more than a compressed (zipped) version of the "com.obj" file.

    Unzip it to create the "com.obj" file in the same directory.
    I'd also advise to (just in case) also COPY that file to

    \Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser Pro 2010\Runtime\Geometries

    to create a duplicate in the "Geometries" folder.

    That should solve your problems


  • I use Notepad++ for editing. When searching the cr2 for "obj", it comes up with 2 hits:

    \Runtime\Libraries\Character\3WC Morning Commute\Umbrella.cr2 (2 hits)
    Line 8: figureResFile :Runtime:Geometries:3WC-MC:Umbrella:Umbrella.obj
    Line 112: figureResFile :Runtime:Geometries:3WC-MC:Umbrella:Umbrella.obj
    So, they do not appear anywhere other than in figureResFile.

    @karina That worked, though I found com.obz in Documents\Poser 9 Content\Runtime\Geometries\Balance

    But why did I just now start having that issue?

    (Sorry, tried to reply earlier, but I had to wait 9500 seconds from my OP. :(

  • @weswood OK, the .obj search was too narrow. As @karina mentions, most poser files can occur in either of two versions, an uncompressed one (your missing com.obj, in this case), or a compressed one (which would be com.obz). Poser is smart enough to seamlessly deal with either version if it can find the file. Files may not be found if their location is not within one of the Poser libraries that Poser has been told to search. If, for instance, you haven't added the Poser 9 Content\Runtime to your active libraries, then poser will not search it. There are also preferences which deal with whether Poser will do deep searches of its known libraries if the file is not found exactly where it is specified.

    You should also check whether the cr2 file explicitly mentions 'com.obz'. If so, that explains which you can't find 'com.obj' within the file.
    You also should not need to unzip com.obz unless you're using a version of Poser so old that it doesn't support compressed files.

    When the message "can't find file 'com.obj'" comes up, just selecting com.obz should be sufficient to satisfy Poser, which can internally uncompress files as it reads them, since the first three bytes of gzip compressed files contain "magic" bytes which Poser will detect and uncompress automatically.