Just found a new way to use my old stash of half-finshed paintings

  • In my attic I keep the results of years of diligent work on 'traditional media' from the time digital media were non-existent.
    The works originate from the 1980's to early 1990's. In my painting class we were told that Rules existed mainly to bend them (if not break them). The production was large. Queston is now, 30 years later, what to do with the results.

    When digital media can digital cameras came, I took the effort to make images of some of my sheets.
    Now with Rebelle it seems fun to continue on some of my artwork of the time: make new cuts and new extensions.
    I used to mix my colors on the canvas, brushes had three colors at the same time. I spent part of this evening on extending an older piece of my 'Artwork' with Rebelle techiques and while trying to atttain a simlar style.
    Fun it was.