Adding 'flying perspiration' post-render

  • Hi All,

    Technically, this is not exactly a Poser question but I hope someone can support...

    I'm using Poser 11 to pose and render boxing/wrestling matches. After the render, I'm using photoshop to touch up the pics with effects such as audience camera-flashes, light flares and some subtle arena lighting that I find quicker to manage in Photoshop than Poser.

    Anyway, what I also want to add are things like flying sweat/perspiration droplets and even blood for when a fighter takes a face-hit. I've tracked down some nice blood (eeuughh) but am struggling to find spit and sweat (eeuugh again).

    Obviously, I'm looking for png or other graphics formats with transparency layers that I can add and edit in Photoshop.

    Does anyone have any ideas for resource where to download/buy etc.
    It's knowing what to google that is causing my biggest problem (you'd be surprised what turns up if you google spit and sweat!)

    It would also be nice to get some 'steam' layers to add to a boxer after a long fight...

    Thanks for your help!


  • @rsk I've just posted this in another thread, so I have a ready-made answer for steam/water vapour clouds:

    0_1526465474483_Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 8.09.05 pm.png
    The breath prop could be any manifold (enclosed) shape you want, and could certainly enclose the perspiring figure. You can ignore the four rightmost nodes as they were my specific solution to animating the vapour density with a single valueParm on the prop.

    Sweat would be more or less identical to saliva without the random opacity (done here by a Fractal_Sum node), so a spot of dispersion will give a very realistic effect with bright illumination one might expect in a boxing ring.
    0_1526465763021_Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 7.54.05 pm.png
    0_1526465773665_Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 7.53.09 pm.png
    Prop spheres would do for droplets. You could even animate them with Bullet Physics, if you were so inclined, rather than post-work them onto a render.

  • Many thanks Anomalaus,

    I'll certainly try the breathing/steam idea when I get back to my PC, but I'm still really looking for a cheap and cheerful way to add the 'splatter' effects I'm after.

    My rig is pretty modest - not bought for 3D Art at all - I've only been working with Poser for a little while to see whether I want to get into it. As a result, I can barely support 2 or 3 characters and/or props before I start getting poor system response - hence my need to add finishing touches in post-render.

    Great reply though - everything new I learn becomes something old I didn't know.
    Or something...


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    I use some of Alex Dukal's Photoshop brush sets which include some nice splatter brushes - note that AD Artbox Lite is free, so you could test it. Also worth looking at Ron Deviney's brush sets on Daz3d.

    Even better to experiment with making custom brushes too, or modifying existing ones - the scatter setting in the brush controls is very handy. Don't forget layer effects too - glows & bevels, plus masks to fade areas to try to blend paint effects with the 3d scene.

    Poser + Photoshop can a powerful combination ;)

  • Have a look at Flink's store at Renderosity. His Water Effects may give you what you need. There are sprays and spatter and pools and whatnot.

    If you don't need them RIGHT NOW (but hey, there's a coupon out ...) you might want to keep an eye out, Flink usually has something or other from their store on sale ;)

  • I'm going to second Trekkiegrrrl here. Flink's water effects work great for this sort of thing.

    0_1526521910375_83 Emeton's bday rem attacked3.png
    Here I used it for blood coming from mouths, but with it could also be used for sweat.

  • Thanks Trekkiegrrrl, Redphantom and Caisson - those are just what I'm looking for.

    I have a lot of experience in certain areas of Photoshop but must admit I haven't done much work with brush settings and customisation.

    I enjoying the fact that since I installed Poser, I've learned a vast number of related, portable skills... :)

    If I can make the spittle fly, I'll share a render with you all!