Mobilestudio Pro Pen button issue

  • Hi all,

    Just installed Clip Studio 1.7.4 on my Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 16 running Windows 10.

    Trying to customize my buttons to increase and decrease brush size. Doing this the standard way of using Wacom's pen settings driver. I've done this without issue on my Mac.

    For some reason, Clip Studio isn't recognizing my custom settings. Clicking the button closer to the tip activates the default eyedropper tool. The button closer to the eraser does nothing.

    Anyone else experience this? Better yet, do you have a workaround? Very frustrating.

    Thanks in advance

  • Celsys support responded to my issue and gave me the solution. Posting it here for others in case they have the same problem:

    1. Goto All Programs>Wacom Folder>Wacom tablet preference file utility
    2. Press Remove All User preferences button
    3. Restart the PC.

    That solved it for me. Just fyi.