Changing the color of Line Art in MS 5ex

  • Hi!

    I have a question about coloring line art (just the lines themselves, not flatting or backgrounds).

    Recently, I had a big computer crash and had to reinstall all of my software, including MS 5ex. Before, if I wanted to change the color of a line art layer (or even just a part of it I selected), I simply went to the layer, chose what color I wanted from the palette, and then went to Edit/Change Color of Line Art. Bam! Done. Unfortunately, after the fresh install, the option isn't there now in the Edit menu. Been awhile since I got MS 5ex upgrade, and I don't remember when (or if?) I previously installed that, so maybe I was just using plain old MS 5? Was it there in 5, but not in 5ex?

    Now I have to do a layer color process in the Layer Properties sub-menu, which seems kind of tedious by comparison. Any idea where the Change Color of Line Art option went to?


  • Update to the latest version.

  • @garlam said in Changing the color of Line Art in MS 5ex:

    Update to the latest version.

    Yup, it finally came back. Thanks! On the plus side, I found two other ways to do it I didn't know about before, but the Edit Menu option is just so darned handy!