Pauline 2 Asian Right Eye Right Iris Size morph missing ?

  • I am pretty certain I have the updates... there is this morph missing....

  • @ibr_remote yep. The cr2 (crz) file is completely missing any reference to an equivalent for LeftIrisSize (which exists on the left eye) on the right eye actor. Using ADP's LIB_poser_pmd library, I was able to probe the PMD file for Pauline2 Asian and confirm that the Right Eye Iris Size morph is also absent from the PMD, so there's nothing that can be done to restore it, unless someone wants to map the left Eye vertices to the corresponding right Eye ones and copy the morph deltas.

    My suggestion would be add a magnet to the right eye and make a similar morph yourself.

  • @anomalaus - thank you. I think I may try and transfer some morphs from the other Pauline 2 figures as wee how this works out.