Is there an easy way to use motion blur like speed lines to indicate movement in a Poser still image?

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    There are a few other ways to do this in Poser.
    There not native so to speak, but you can pull it off.

    Let me explain how to do it two ways, and give you a file as an example of one of them.
    Download and save this image somewhere, Poser will ask you for this file when you load the scene.

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    Here is an example scene, there are a few ways to do the floor.
    The image with the Tesla appears to have a plane for the ground.
    Depending on how you want the road to look, depends on how you approach that.
    Rename it, drop the txt part. The box in the scene, is the stand in for the car.
    Add your car, and put it where the box is, scale it to match the image, etc.
    I did not add an environment, add one so the car has something to reflect.

    Each of the figures in this scene are high res squares converted to figures, each with 2 bones.
    Adding 2 bones you to modify the scaling of the new figure.
    You can edit the weight map, and change where the picture is stretched, giving the illusion of the motion blur.
    Obviously you will need whatever picture you want to use, and modify both the scale of the image and the scale map accordingly.
    You could even make a more complex figure that just used one map, and wont have seams to touch up.
    If you make a better figure, there will not be any post work needed with this method

    alt text

    You can do this one with a simple plane, but you have to render it at least twice.
    Take the first render into your graphics program and make a duplicate layer, then removes all but what you want to blur from the Blur layer.
    The use motion blur to make that effect.
    Make new layer from that, and make a trans map for the blur plane.
    Add a plane and position it in the right spot with the blur and tans map.
    Render it again, and mix the final two renders as layers in your paint program.
    Add another layer and add the rear shadow behind the truck.

    Both of these techniques can be used to do a lot different types of blur.

    To get the shadows like BB was talking about, you can a render movie to images, then use each render as a layer in the final image.
    Mix the layers to get the final output. Alternately, you can use a plane the same way you do the second one.