How to install Aiko3 in Poser 11?

  • Hello. Question already asked (I did not find)?

    I bought Aiko3 (also for Poser) at DAZ3D ... But, I do not find how to install it in Poser 11. Can someone tell me how to do that?

    I tried : does not work ... So I can not load DSON either!

    Thank you !

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    Log into DAZ and see if a manual install zip is offered; if so, download that. Unzip it, then copy (or cut) and paste the contents to your desired runtime.
    If you don't have a custom runtime location, use C:\Users\Public\Documents\Poser 11 Content\Downloads.

    edit: Ooops, that's a Win7 address. I don't know the equivalent for Mac.

  • @seachnasaigh it's: "<Hard Drive name>/Users/Shared/Poser 11 Content/Downloads", at least on my macOS Sierra system.

  • @sevha can you let us know what Operating System you're running. If on MacOS X go to About this Mac under the Apple menu in the top left corner and tell us what version it shows. Some of the oldest DAZ installers may be designed for Motorola PowerPC processors and may not run on the latest Intel hardware and MacOS at all.

    The DAZ3DIM you mention is DAZ' Install Manager and a 32 bit version, which also may or may not run on a 64 bit OS.

    Assuming you have a DAZ account, you should also be able to download a direct installer (.app) or zip file for Aiko3 from your Account Purchases. If you already have the Aiko3 installer, can you tell me the file name, and I'll see if I can find my copy. The oldest ones I still have to hand date from 2009, and that may be older.

  • Thank you...

    The file purchased (Aiko3) is: 1_2866.sea
    Simply deposited in this direction = still nothing.

    MacOS SIerra 10,13,4
    iMac 27" Intel Core i7 / 24 Go DDR3
    AMD RAdeon R9 M395X 4096Mo

  • @sevha Ah! .sea is a Self Extracting Archive and most likely a Stuffit archive created for Mac Classic. Guaranteed not to run as-is on 64-bit High Sierra

    You could try changing the suffix from .sea to .sit, and see if Stuffit Expander will open the file. If so, you're likely to get a folder that matches the Runtime hierarchy, so you'll want to copy the contents into one of your existing runtimes, or a new one (You can just tell Poser's Library to Add (click the + in the library palette) and choose the folder which contains the extracted Runtime.

  • Thank you. But, "Expansion failed" of 1_2866.sit (or .sea) in Suffit Expander ...

  • @sevha other than Stuffit Deluxe, which is commercial software, the only other suggestion I have is to try this:
    the unarchiver
    I have not used it personally, as I have a Stuffit Deluxe license, but it says it can extract .sea files.

  • Sounds like you downloaded the DAZ Connect offline file, try downloading the manual download as circled in the pic below and try to install from that. It's a normal .zip file.


  • anomalaus / @raven
    Thank you!