Has anyone made a high quality normal map for V4 yet?

  • I've seen some normal maps made by SimOne, but they're not good enough. I'm looking for a highly detailed normal map for V4 that adds a bunch of detail that rivals Genesis 8.

    I'm looking to make the knees of V4 look as good as Genesis 8. The front and back of the knees. Heck, the entire body to be honest. More detail in the hands, feet, lower back, upper back, rib, abdominal, lower belly, etc.

    If someone has a knack for art, I can tell you EXACTLY how to make a normal map, you just have to have the artistic talent in Zbrush to add the details. But I can tell you the entire process on a technical level, from importing into Zbrush, sub divide, export low & high poly mesh and how to make the normal map in xnormal.

  • I know zilch about Z-Brush, but I am SO queueing up for this whenever someone makes it :D

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    Ok, out of the blue here.
    If you have V4 and if you have Gen 8, why not project one onto the other.
    Use a variation of the second part of this video to project one into the other.
    Takes some prep work but seems very easy to do.

    All you need are 2 obj and some time to experiment.
    Best regards, Tony

  • @zazop your bump/normal map needs to follow the bumps on the texture map. One-size-fits-all normal maps don't cut it.

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    There are MANY 3D apps to make and bake normal maps.
    Just open YouTube, and at least 50+ more video tutorials how to make and bake Normal, Bump, Specular, Displacement, AO and at least a dozen other maps for Blender alone. Plus all the other 3D apps, with many hundreds more video tutorials.

    If you want to turn one figure into another one, you need both obj files.

    • You need to study both UV-unwraps.
    • You need a procedure
    • And you need an app. ( And I write "an app" as many apps can do that for you.)

    Most of all, you need the time and motivation to start, continue, and finish.

    To get V4 to look like Gen8 is easy. All you need is "do" it but it is NOT going to happen with a Normal map alone.
    => You will need to morph-compare the mesh first and then see from where and how to continue.
    Oh, and you will also have to re-rig her.