Higher detail on Poser figure meshes : The easy way.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    Default Poser figures always lack body detail to keep the shape "general".

    In the past we used bump, displacement and normal maps to get the fine detail in the figures. But all of these maps have their limitations, and you have to work around, or live with the seams they sometimes create. (and not all render engines love them)

    We also can create morphs, by "displacing" the existing vertex, and we have the morph brush tool to create HD morphs for SubD Poser figures. While the morph brush is a very handy tool, it is very time consuming to create very high detailed Morphs or FBM.

    So, I made a video tutorial on how to get "a lot" of detail in Poser figures.
    Actually, the only limitation is what your computer can handle. LOL.

    But as a guide-line to start? Use SubD level 1 on a V4/M4, or Miki4 figure, and SubD level 2 on the lower poly figures.

    The video includes some tips and tricks, hope you all enjoy.

    Have fun using the Poser tools.

  • @vilters Thank you!
    That is a great workaround of one of poser 11s big limitations on HD morphing. (being limited to either zbrush or the morph brush)
    way to go!