Genesis 2 Male in Poser Debut

  • Yup, you read it correctly. Debut.

    Poser Debut does NOT natively allow access to third-party python scripts. With Dimension3D's XA - Extended Access (commercial script), I could set up a toolbar which allows access to compatible 3rd-party python scripts, most importantly, the DSON Loader script (also by Dimension3D).

    Together with DAZ3D's DSON Importer (you must use the 32-bit version for Poser Debut, even if your OS is 64-bit).

    Hint: read the manual provided by Dimension3D on how to code(very easy) a Poser library content file so that you can first launch the XA toolbar. Thereafter, you can add scripts from the toolbar itself.

  • Here is the same image (saves you the bother of going to my DeviantArt gallery) -


  • You will not be able to run the scripts for Poser and Poser Pro from the XA toolbar, although you will see them inside Poser Debut and can add them to the toolbar.

  • I could also apply a pose to the G2Male, but I needed to adjust the trouser thigh parts after posing. I added Dimension3D's unhide python script to the XA toolbar, and showed the X y Z scales of the trousers, then scaled the thigh parts in the x-direction.

  • I have not attempted importing the Genesis 3 figure into Poser Debut, because of more complexity dealing with the head and morphs. I have not attempted importing Genesis 8 series, because I prefer using the FBX version.

  • And here is the Genesis 2 Female in Poser Debut :


    I used Poser lights.

  • I need to mention: saved PZ3 files lose the pose for the figure. So if re-loading a saved file, there is a problem.

  • Still working inside Poser Debut:

    I note from other discussion threads online, that the DSON-imported figures are not easily posed once saved and re-launched from PZ3. In my case, I tried the Taylor Character of the Genesis 2 Female and found that the geometry split away from some kind of outline in Poser scene window, and it was not possible to pose the geometry after re-launch of saved PZ3. The conformed clothing appeard to remain posed with the outline of the figure.

    I solved this by flushing the DSON cache, then importing a second Genesis 2 Female, applying the same character, and re-parenting the hair to the second figure. I made the first figure invisible, then posed the second figure (no need to conform the clothing to second fgure !)

    Here is my render:


  • Note: I will not even attempt Genesis 3 series nor Genesis 8 series, as these are too far removed from basic Poser technology that Poser Debut will not be able to handle them. Poser Pro 11 can.

  • @ibr_remote UPDATE - I have done something more here:

    Proof of Concept - DSON in Poser Debut